DIY Fake Corsage

DIY Fake Corsage

It's not everyday I get all dressed up for Prom. However, if you followed along my 80's Prom fun on Instagram, you will know I even busted out a fake corsage for the event. I can't keep this goodness to myself so I decided to share it with you all. Everyone should have a fake corsage in their drawers, you know ..in case you get asked to Prom. Let's get down to the knitty-gritty!

DIY Steps Fake Corsage

Fake Flowers
Elastic Sequin
Floral Wire
Hot Glue
Step 1: Cut your flowers, arrange them
Step 2: Wrap the floral wire around the stems
Step 3:  Use a little bit of the elastic sequin and glue it over the wire
Step 4: Cut a strip of tulle, glue it around the stem area
Step 5: Tuck the tulle into the flowers...gluing in place
Step 6: Measure the elastic sequin for your wrist (remember you want it to fit tight/snug)
Step 7: Glue the elastic sequin creating a circle
Step 8: Glue the elastic sequin onto your corsage
Step 9: ROCK IT (see below)

Too much fun... but wait! I have more fun below.. because my awesome Blog-Hopping Girls are rocking this MAY with loads of flower ideas! May Flowers are in the House:

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  1. True story, I never went to prom! I was that gal that was "buddies" with all of the guys...I wound up having to work while my friends got to party :-( I totally would have worn that corsage had I been asked! Though, I'd not rock it as hard as you did buddy ;-)

  2. I wish you would have been at my prom, that would have been so crazy cool! You would have been 6, but I'm sure you would have still rocked it at 6! Loved following your Snap adventures, so glad you shared! :)

  3. One hot prom date right there!

  4. Such a fun round up and you SO rocked the 80s prom at SNAP! Pinned!

  5. oh girl! You are rocking that dress. Maybe the 80's look will return. It's so fun!!

  6. OMG Jen. How freaking cute are you?!?!??!!!! I love you!


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