Log-In, Help - What's my password?

3rd time is a charm, I should really write down my passwords. Aka: It's been way too long since you have logged in to Blogger Marrs. And no, I still didn't write it down, pshhh that writing stuff is for the birds. Speaking of bluejays, can you tell I haven't written in for like ever? Life folks, but MAN do I miss it and you, yes You! If any of you are still out there-- I do hope all is well and I'm::: Warning, Warning, click off if you don't want to get bored with family photos, they are about to over take your entire screen.. Hey, I warned ya!

Repeat, you will not find a finger lickin' good recipe(only a pin drop to Little Caesars) or cute cozy blanket to create today(they sell those at Costco) Nope. just a Big o Marrs Photo dump, because man does a lot happen in 6 months and this kid growing up crap and not staying little is seriously pulling at my Mom heart these days.

So enough. Let's get this dump started. 

Meet Marvin. "Oh Marvin" like "alvinnnn, but Marvvvin" get it? Ok. 
This is Marvin Marrs the newest member to the crew!
I saw Marvin on my friends FB page. Her daughter was fostering him and he was looking for his forever home. He was a Marrs. 
Marvin meet Minnie, and the rest... is history really.
So much history that they have their own IG account. Because with ears like these two, that was a given. @MinnieMarvinAdventures #minniemarvinadventures
Side Note: I can't remember my log-in for their account/go figure. So it hasn't been updated for awhile, but still loads of pics of cute ears. 

Up Next, School is Back in Session 
(again, taking it back to August peeps)
If you are still reading, fist bump. 
Are you kidding me? 12th, 8th and 4th? Dang does time fly!
..... and
just when I thought I dried up all my tears from the school drop offs.. Aaron decided to get his Senior pictures taken. 
Just put a fork in me! 
Look at this man, yes M.A.N!
- - - - - - - - - - - - 
We interrupt this post for a special message:
Happy 14th Birthday Mason!
What in the sam heck is going on around here? 

Pizza + Brownies is this kids jam!

And back to the new Marrs Man in the house(yes he is shaving, Man I tell you)
Aaron tested and earned his Third Degree Black Belt in November!
Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road Twice?
To Prove He wasn't a Chicken!
Thanksgiving 2016 was a hit and spent up in Idyllwild!

Last but not least, Bryan and I celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary!

Thankful and blessed to enjoy everyday life with these loves above.

Until next time friends, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!
Love, The Marrs

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5 Things to do and see in June Lake

June Lake is one of our favorite places to visit. There are so many different things to do and see in and around June Lake, so sit back... enjoy the views as we share them with you!

To start, we reserved our campsite online and were lucky back in March to find a space open for the span of 5 days. Book as soon as you can as June Lake is a high demand area and campsites go quickly!

Our spot was perfect, it was nestled snug among trees, private and just steps away from June Lake. We wasted no time at all setting camp up quick and grabbing fishing poles to string!

Let's cut the chatter and dive right into the 5 Things (we did and you should too!) on your next visit to  June Lake:

Bring those poles you guys.. because you will want to cast, cast and cast some more! Within 5 minutes, I kid you not - Derek hooked a rainbow trout! There are many places to fish: June Lake, Gull Lake, Silver Lake.. to name a few. All within 5 minutes of each other! 

#2 Hike
I mean, stop and stare. Because that is all I do when I am in this area. The views are out of this world, ones you have to see for yourself to appreciate. There are so many trailheads and different hikes you can do while in June Lake. We decided to hike up to Fern Lake. This hike was all uphill, we took our time and made sure to bring lots of water. There is plenty of shady areas to stop and catch your breath.. the uphill battle was well worth it. A beautiful, quiet lake that you can only get to on foot.. score baby score!!

This activity is a family favorite of ours! While you are hiking or just want to find some, get after it! We actually found a geocache back on our trip in 2010.. and wanted to see this year if it was still there. Holla.. it was!! We had to sign the little booklet again this year and we added a fun "prize" to the bucket along with many others! We can't wait to see if it's there in the years to come!

June Lake is a small little town with some great hotspots you won't want to miss! From our campsite, we walked into town many times! The Tiger Bar opens at 8am and is known to serve a killer bloody mary.(you are welcome) Also, if you love a good beer.. you must check out the June Lake Brewery! Bryan and I hopped on our bikes and pedaled over for some great beer, good convo and killer views! 

Get off the shore and rent a boat! We decided to head over to Gull Lake for some Canoe and Paddle Boat action. They are about $20 for an hour, which for us- an hour out was perfect! Enough time to get across the lake, enjoy the views and head back to the dock! 

We stayed for 5 days and it was just the perfect amount of time to get out and really enjoy this gorgeous area. Clear water, snow-capped mountains and blue skies.. now that is living. 

Thank you for swinging by and we hope you plan a trip to June Lake and enjoy it as much as we do every year! Is there anything we should add to our list next time we visit? Let us know, we are always down for new adventures!


Coffee Date Friday + More!

We made it! Another week down in the books - Hallelujah! So Coffee Date today is coming atcha via text. I'm getting some serious housework done so yeahhhh you don't want to view this ball of sweat. You are welcome! Let's chat shall we? How was your week, how was your Valentine's Day? ohhhhlala! Let's kick it off right there... Sunday was a gorgeous kicking weather day in California, one you wanted to be outside for. So Bryan carried me away in his new boy toy to climb some serious hills... ya know - had to see if the 4X4 really worked. Boys. And then we hit some Taco Shop, because that wins over steak and potatoes any day of the week for me!!

Fast Forward to Tuesday... (Monday was just more soaking up the goodness the sunshine had to offer and pool time..I won't bore you with those details)

Tuesday..(some of/missed the rest of the team!!) Pollinate Media is on a Pontoon Boat .. What What! You guys, these girls are not only gaga-gorgeous, sweet and talented... but such a blast, and I get the honor of not only doing LIFE with them.. but work with them daily. Staaaaapppp it(said in my Andy voice from the bachelorette) Enough of the gushing love for them...cause I really could go on a lllllll day long. I'm on a BOAT!!


Now that I had a moment this Friday morning to enjoy these awesome memories of this week..and share them all with you over a cup of coffee- it's back to the Friday clean grind I go. BOO.

Hey, it can't always be pontoon boat evenings 24/7. gosh how nice would that be?

Share below how your week went - I always love hearing from you - and don't forget to check out all the Coffee Date link up with coffee loving gals..heyyyy over at Alissa's Casa! Until next week - Cheers!


Coffee Date Friday: Sunny 88 and Planner Talk

Hello! And I am back with yet another round of babbling talk! But this week we are chatting about keeping yourself organized - and how do you do it? For reals, I am all ears and want to know if you are a write it, see it, do it - or a phone gal and all hip with that ical.
Me? Write it - cross that crap off! Even if I already did the to-do, as it wasn't yet on the actual list.. I write it and cross it.. No one knows it wasn't there to begin with. So do it. Clean that bathroom, then write it on your to-do and then cross it off. I promise it does amazing things to your confidence.. instant booster. Talking about boosters.. you all are my boost. Thank you for the sweet words, welcome back Jen I got! It was so nice hearing from you and I am exited and hoping I can keep up this Coffee date to stay connected with you all. I truly did miss you! OK - keeping it short, because: It's gaaagaaagorgeous outside, I need to soak in it.
PS. Fill your days with people you love. xo!