Spring Bunny Pillow

Who is ready for Spring? Yes please! I am so excited to share this fun sassy little cutie pie with you today. Oh and for the record, I made my first pom pom. Yep. Check out that sweet green little pom pom, get outta bunny town!

Spring Bunny Pillow

You guys, this pillow took me about 10 hopping minutes to pop out. Shall we?

10 minute bunny pillow

Then you place her out on your couch, along with some other pillows and a fun throw.
Instant Spring Fling is now kickin' in full force mode: Gotta love it.

Quick bunny pillow

Just look at it. It's like I want to make 8 more! Ok, not..but kind of right? You get me!

DIY bunny pillow

While we are on the bunny/rabbit trail, here is a fun, quick project I did last year. 

Wishing you and your cute bunnies a Happy Easter! 


Carrot Treat Bag

Hippity Hoppity Easters on it's way! Today this post is full of Easter goodies! 
My blog-hoppin' girls and I have brought you loads of Easter DIY easy ideas! 
I will start with my little guy.. carrot treat bags!
Carrot Treat Bag

These are perfect for school goodies, at table settings…really easy and fun to create. Your kids would have a blast painting these up! 

Steps to make Carrot Treat Bag

I had some natural colored fabric laying around, and cut out a square. 
Then with a simple diagonal fold, sew one side and you have a cone shaped carrot. 
Paint it up, fill it, ribbon it…and poof! Done!

Now for the rest of my Easter Gang's Goodies:

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GYCO Potato Winner

Finally it's feature and winner time here at Get Your Chef On! Sorry for the delay…but we are rolling now! So yes, we all had to whip up something mighty tasty with Potatoes as our star ingredient! Boy did these ladies rock.

I am not going to even type anymore and bore you!
On with the recipes!
by white lights on wednesday

by: YUM eating

by: cooking with curls

by: amy's cooking adventures

And the Winner of the Potato Round of 



Congrats to Nicole over at 365ish days of Pinterest! 
You won this round with your amazing grubbing Fries Quatro Queso Dos Fritos

Please email Julie and I and we will hook it up with your ad space! 

Thank you to everyone who came out, grabbed an apron and cooked this fun potato round with us! Hope to see you back next time…stay tuned into Facebook or Instagram to find out which ingredient we will be throwing your way soon! 

Until then, keep cooking!


Me, March, 35

Hello Hello! It's Friday, can we do the Friday dance? You go first..you know I will follow. I woke up today and just feel a bit chatty, so I thought heck with it. Let's write a blog post. So heck with it, here I am! I feel like I have so much to tell you, I know…crazy stuff right?! My life at the moment is more then awesome and I am so lucky and very thankful. I am just going to spill all my happiness all over this keyboard while I gulp down my coffee and dance, because it's Friday.

My happiness these days:

First up, it's March. well crap, March is almost gone, but dang it I love me a good March Month.

My daily coffee and 4-6 pieces of sourdough toast with butter- oh golly gee willy-kers!

age 35: Good garsh is that right? 35? when, how what? I am taking it and rocking it out…gotta accept.

Studs x's 4     enough said . they rock

new threads! Ok guys, this is a biggie for me. Confession: I don't shop much, and lately I can't stop! It's like a problem, but a good problem right? I mean I feel better, look better, etc. etc. totally- that's what I thought, I am good. So me ordering 2 maxi skirts from jane.com at 5:34am this morning is totally normal. Ok, good, just wanted to check with the pros.

exciting new opportunity and working gig! Eeeekkk…!!!! I am a real working girl now and I adore it and feel so crazy lucky to have joined an amazing company and team! I am working over at Pollinate Media as a Project Manager and hello love it! 

baseball season! That's right, 1-2-3 strikes your out… peanuts, cracker jacks here! shaabam, spitting seeds is back!

So as you can clearly see, life is rolling good for the Jen these days. I can't complain, really I can't. Well I could use a lemon bar with my coffee this morning. Oh I do have one last thing to say. Thank YOU my awesome friends and readers for always supporting me in this blog adventure! Without you all… I would just be a 35 year old eating sourdough bread. Mmmmm sourdough bread. 

Alright- and that's a wrap. Me, March, 35 - shaaabam! Next Jen update will be when I am 36 - HA! Crap that's old.