Quick Festive Table Setting Ideas

When I think of holidays these two words come to mind: Eating and Festive. 
Am I right?
So I bring you, my friends, some quick festive table setting ideas!
Quick Festive Table Setting Ideas
If you have not noticed…gold is the new teal. It is taking over the world people! Nothing beats a mason gold glittery drinkware glass to bunker down the perfect table setting. I mean these are blingin' pretty and so easy to make!

Quick Table Setting Ideas for the Holidays

What you will need:
glitter, mason jar, glue, twine, mini clips, tag
Spread the glue on the bottom of the jar, sprinkle glitter, tie twine and clip on the tag.. done!

If you want to wrap the silverware in something simple, cut a piece of burlap and tie it around with twine. Easy enough…and super cute!

But Wait.. My Monthly Blog Hop girls have more for you...
I bring you 11 Beautiful Table Setting Ideas below! 

I hope you got some fun, easy and gorgeous ideas for your Holiday Table Setting! All I know is…someone throw me a roll and pass the cranberry sauce, this girl is ready to grub! Happy Holidays!


  1. Great inspiration right there buddy!

  2. I love this. I just posted on my business FB page that I was looking for table setting ideas.. Thanks my friend. HUGS

  3. Oh my Heck!! That beautiful creation has my name on it! Giddy up Thanksgiving! I am ready!! Jen, your awesomeness never ceases to amaze.

  4. I agree, gold glitter makes everything awesome! Beautiful project.


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