Recipe for Salsa: Homemade & Fresh

Nothing in the world beats Homemade Fresh Salsa! This recipe is simple but will have you back double dipping!

Recipe for Salsa

The Goods:
4-5 Roma tomatoes
1 Red Onion
1 Lemon
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 can EL PATO Salsa de Jalapeño

Homemade and Fresh Salsa

Cut up all ingredients and throw it in a chopper or food processor. Whip it up to your chunkiness liking!

Recipe for Salsa: Homemade and Fresh

Grab your favorite brand of tortilla chips and enjoy! This salsa keeps up to a week tasting fresh as ever! 

I should mention, this goes fantastic over my creamy chicken enchiladas!

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  1. Love the simpleness of this recipe. Have you ever canned it?

  2. Looks awesome Jen! Pinning!!

  3. Sounds so delicious...and your pictures are so pretty!

  4. YUMMM! I've been looking for a good salsa recipe, and this one looks awesome. Amazing photos too! Pinned and sharing :)

  5. Oh, yes you did. I seriously can smell the flavors. Amazing and delicious, my friend!!

  6. omg looks so good! love making fresh salsa!

  7. Love this! Do you think a can of Rotel would work in place of EL PATO Salsa de Jalapeño?


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