Teacher Appreciation: 20 Ideas for decorating classroom doors

20 Ideas for decorating classroom doors #teacherappreciation #doors

It's that time....Teacher Appreciation Week is in full swing over at Paloma! I was lucky enough to work with the fantastic room moms and coordinate the decorating of the classroom doors this year! The talent these room moms have is out of this world! I was blown away as I walked down each hall, loving each door!  I was even more pumped up when they allowed me to photograph and share their hard work with you all! So cutting the chatter...away we go!

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What did I tell you? Amazing right? 
There you have it.. 20 Ideas for decorating classroom doors!


  1. Love these!!! Those are so very, very clever!

  2. Cute ideas!! Gosh, can't I just buy them a Starbucks gift card?? haha

  3. These are so cool! I especially like the one with the candy bars... ;)

    Sarah @ logfurnitureplace.com


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