Get Your Chef On Turns ONE!

Today is THE day!

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Sign up! That's right you heard me! 
We are cooking with booze this month...say what?
So pop a top and let's go, cook! 

--->I have something else to tell you--this month marks our ONE YEAR of doing this super coolio cooking challenge! A year? No way...no joke you guys- a year has flown by and man you all have submitted some pretty dang fabulous {I am trying to see how long of a run-on sentence I can type} recipes! Want to get caught up? You can see all the GYCO entries from this past year on our GYCO Pinterest board. Also, one of our cooking pals Paula from Call Me PMc sent us a sweet email  asking about co-hosting GYCO, it was kind of a sign. Our anniversary and one of our friends (and dedicated GYCO participant) wanting to help make this a big ol' party...how could we say no? So to help celebrate GYCO turning ONE, Paula is co-hosting the sign up and voting with Julie and I and giving away some ad space as well! Whoop!  

The Nitty Gritty: You're all working to take down Claire from A Little Clarification - the winner for the GYCO ~ Pear round. She had a really awesome sounding Chicken & Pear Pastilla that I still want to make!     


This round we're cooking with BEER!

There are so many options so get them foaming, I mean flowing!
BEER Round Schedule:
Sign Up ~ March 5th to 12th
Posts Go Live ~ March 19th
Features & Winner Announcement ~ March 26th
You can get the 411 about Get Your Chef On HERE. Don't forget, you need to have the GYCO button in your blog post and you must be sharing a new recipe to be eligible to win. And since it's a new year, we've got a new button for you! Cheers!


  1. ooooh...cooking with beer?? My fave! I'm going to try to get something together this time. Remind me as it gets closer to the 12th!! As in ....yell really loudly!!

  2. super fun! i need to make up some fun beer recipes!

  3. Oh, I have some great beer recipes for this challenge!!!

  4. Double challenge for me since I am on a low calorie and healthy journey but I accept the challenge!!! I will use the secret ingredient and try not to blow my diet!!! Looking forward to the challenge!!!

  5. Can't wait to see what's linked up for this!!

  6. Does it count if I'm holding a beer while cooking because I do that every night! :D But seriously, going to try and think of something...

  7. Girl - if I knew how to cook I would be all over this. Instead I will just drink the beer and watch what you all come up with!

  8. In the infamous words of Sponge Bob, "I'm ready, I'm ready!" {in my sing-song voice, of course!}


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