Cheap Grass Stain Remover

  Grass stains make me cringe. 
  And they totally piss me off. 
  They are nasty stubborn things.

My secret weapon of choice: 
1$ bar of FELS-NAPTHA
{I bought mine at Wal-Mart. It lasts forever!}

The first time I used this was in my homemade laundry soap...that didn't last long because I like my clothes to smell in that ridiculously smothered laundry smell. Yum. The homemade soap..didn't smell for my sniffer enough.

Back to my weapon.
You may need some extra guns {arms} to work this guy to its full potential. Keep them close. Now let's go to work...

Mason's baseball pants....always full of Green yucky stains. Let's clean them up!

1. Using hot water, get the stain wet.
2. Grab FELS-NAPTHA and soap it up.
3. Don't be shy with the FELS...load it up.
4. Add some more hot water.
5. Grab those extra guns..and GO!
6. I like to rub the pants together,quickly and really scrubbing that soap in.
7. Rinse them out with hot water. 

After I get done scrubbing the stains out, I throw the pants in with the rest of the laundry to wash.

Bright, Clean and Stain Free!


  1. Reminds me of my miracle bar I used to use on the kids' clothes back int he day. That stuff took anything out!! That and a little elbow grease like you used here. Great find, Jen

  2. Hey Jen,
    I'm going to have to get me some of the soap. I've seen it a million times but have never bought it. What an amazing difference it made on those grass stains. I could have used that years ago when my kiddos were little!!
    Have a Happy Day!

  3. Holy awesome! I am going to be grabbing up a big ole bar of this for sure!!!

  4. I can get laundry clean and work out at the same time? Awesome! LOL :::checking for growing guns:::
    Hugs, Leena

  5. Hot water actually coagulates the proteins and makes it harder to get the stain out. Would be less arm ammo if you used cold water! :)

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