Stinky Linky Party

I am tickled to be co-hosting Stinky Linky - just eggs over my hammy tickled! Thank you Nellie Bellie!


Rules: Only Stinky please. Stinky smell, stinky because it's terrible, stinky because it was a pain in the neck, stinky because you can't take pictures worth squat.

Do NOT link up pretty projects, crafts, and yummy recipes (unless they stink). This party is for the less then perfect. Okay, it's for the awful.That's all. 

That is the only rule. You Stink- Can you handle that? 
We delete the pretty...so don't you do it!

Time: The Stinky Linky Party will run every OTHER weekend from Friday morning until Sunday night.The week with no party will be Feature Friday...the coolest of the cool will be on!

Fun stuff: We made this rad button if you want it. {take the Button or I will toilet paper your house}

Last, go and say hi to the hosts- {I've been know to egg homes as well}

Oh you Must go check out Nellie Bellie's Video- YES she did! Her Hair looks Rockin'!

So what are you waiting for? 
Go get your Stink Link ON!


  1. I'm so going to take some pictures when I get home. I have a couple I'm sure I could link up. You girls are hilarious...I love this idea. Megan

  2. I love this idea!! I so wish I hadn't thrown my last stinky project away in disgust! It was supposed to be a vase filler involving feathers but it looked like something a cat would throw up! Perfect for this party!! :) Maybe I should re-create it...

  3. Ha!! She's going to recreate a fail. Love that!! You know you rock Jen!

  4. It's sad. It's very very sad. But I could probably link up like 100 posts to this rad party. I'll try to hold back at just a few ;)


  5. Linked and loaded! You are just too damn funny! Love the deo for your b.o. video! You stink!


  6. Best party idea EVER! It's good to be able to laugh at yourself. I'm telling everyone! big stinky hugs for you. I haven't showered yet today. ;)

  7. Hooray I found three fails pretty quickly. I wish I could find completed projects that fast. :)

  8. How much fun is this?! Now I can't wait to post my next stinky fail instead of throwing it away in disgust!

  9. I hope I can find you for your next party...! These were fun to read! I found you when you featured one of my favorite bloggers :)


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