DIY Replace Dryer Coils {Girl Power}

Before I get into the DIY Replace your Dryer Coils Tutorial, I would like to do a little something special for you.
Sing you a little song.
Let's raise roof for some DIY Girl Power! 

Pretty sure I will be the Next American Idol.
Do I have your vote?

OK. Serious talk here! My Dryer stopped giving me heat.
Now let me back up, I already replaced the Thermal Fuse about 1 year ago when it stopped giving me heat. That is the First thing you should replace if your dryer stops giving heat. 
Took a visit to my local parts store, and asked the lady {girl power} if she thought my thermal fuse was bad? She told me no {girl power} that if my flame starts, sounds like the coils are bad. That the coils are cutting out and having problems re lighting the flame. 

Well enough. I left the parts store with my new coils and a direction sheet all for $27.05!

Are you excited? So am I... Ok, here we go!

1. Turn off your gas, remove the dryer hose and unplug. Clean out all area...sweep it good!
2. Remove your lint trap thing {thing...girl power we know what "thing" is- yes?}
3. Unscrew the 2 bolts from the lint thing
4. Pop off up top and flip it over.

5. Find the Door latch connector
6. Unhook the latch using a flat head screw drive, pry it apart
7. Remove the screw that is holding the front of the dryer to the side {repeat for the other side}
8. Pop off the front of your dryer, this whole panel will come off! Set aside!

Take a look at that money pit!
Clean it all out really good...wipe all the lint then go buy some snicker bars!

9. This just shows you what your dryer will look like with the front panel removed
10. The coils are located looking at the dryer on the left bottom corner.
11. Remove the 2 bad/old coils by first unscrewing the metal little plate that holds them in place. Then unhook them from the clear sleeve/prong wires.
12. Put your new coils back on, hook them back up with the clear sleeve/prong wires and then place the metal topper back on them securely.

Now for the Test!  Start your dryer! Let it run for 20-25 mins and open it up! HOT?! If yes- -Taa-daa! you just fixed your dryer-- HIGH FIVE!

Also you can test it by starting it, and then seeing after the flame goes out during the drying cycle, just wait and look in the little peep hole to see if the flame re ignites. Winner Winner!

The sides of the dryer are very sharp. I took this one for the team! 

So Let me hear ya Give it up for some {GIRL POWER} in the DIY Repairing Appliances-- oh Yeah! Oh and saving me the cost of buying a new dryer... OR the cost of a repair MAN -pssh to come fix it! BAM!

Any questions you know the drill- shoot me an email or comment below! Now go fix something!

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  1. Holy #$&%! You did that yourself? Way to go...total girl power! And...use that money to buy yourself a plain ticket to come see me! Okay...going to watch your singing now


  2. That dryer ain't the boss of you! You're the boss!! A rocking boss! And that battle scar is your badge of honor! Whohoo way to go Jen. Now finish up the laundry and sit back with a glass of wine soldier!

  3. You are hilarious. Love the last photo (despite your injury). WTG on fixing your own dryer & cashing in on all that coinage. :)

  4. Wow, that was pretty impressive!! You have mad skillz!! And you can fix dryer's too. You're a keeper!!

  5. God you're hot! Way to go mama.

  6. You're awesome. I always say laundry day is pay day, lol. You scored!! Lol. Love this post.

  7. Me & my hubby sitting here having a cocktail enjoying your AWESOME performance!!!! I need a lighter to hold up!!!! So cute...and you have the courage to go into a dryer!!!!! OMG! I am impressed! Not to mention it could save a life or 2! Sharing this one!!!

  8. I AM IMPRESSED! We are holding off on buying a new washer and dryer until we move...and I have already had the dryer repaired once...I need to bust out some girl power (or fly you in...it would still be cheaper!) next time.

  9. Who needs a man when you're around! I'm so impressed. I figure I'm doing well installing light fixtures. Is there anything you can't do?

    And don't spend all that money on tools - buy yourself a mochacinno or something.

  10. Oh my word! You go girl!! Your post has inspired me to bust out my girl power more. I wouldn't even know where to begin if I had to fix my dryer, but now i have your tutorial for a reference. Thanks for all of the detailed photos.

    I kinda want to take my dryer apart just to see if I have a little gold mine in there...probably just a bunch of melted crayons and a button though.

  11. Girl, I wish I knew you in real life :D That song was awesome. And you told that dryer who's boss!

  12. Way to go girl!! That is a fantastic tutorial!! I'm going to have to try this out asap. Then I'll head to the dollar store..lol.

  13. SUPER impressive Jen!! Oh my goodness I would never be brave enough to attempt this, I'm not even sure Markham would. lol. Great job!! You ROCK!!

  14. Very nice!! Glad you got your dryer working again and what an awesome tutorial w/pictures. Now off to watch your video.

  15. Girl, you are hilarious!! Won't be long till you'll be in the record recording business making up lyrics and selling DIY albums.

  16. Ah ha ha ha ha ha...... I just took photos of you this summer. You sound a bit different but the looks are the same.


  17. Seriously you are soooo hilarious. Ok so do your kids think you are crazy when you are in the corner making your video's? LOL. That was a crazy money pit$$$. I will just call you next time I need my dyer fixed, that looked like to much work for me.
    On a side note, I think I'm gonna go to my first blogging conference, it's in CALI, wanna go with us?

  18. Girl power FTW! Thanks so much for sharing this on Marvelous Mondays, Jen! :)

  19. Oh wow, you are so brave! We just hired someone to come out and fix our dryer - there was just no way I was up to taking it apart!

  20. Wow, more girl power to ya! I am bookmarking this for when I need it! Thanks for sharing:)

  21. OMG, I love the video! LOL! WOOOOOT for fixing that dryer with all inclusive, unadulterated GIRL POWER!

  22. And the next American Idol is.... Jen Marrs!!!!!! {the crowd goes wild!!!!} This is awesome Girl Power!! Way to go Jen!!!

  23. Look at you! You're rich! I need to do this just for the money pit! Pat yourself on the back Miss Handy, our next American Idol! :)

  24. Just to clarify...I said HANDY, not to be confused with HANDSY! Handy is like a handyman. Handsy is like a 14 year old boy during a junior high slow dance. Love ya! :)

  25. how are you so amazing??? Our dryer is so bitchy some times shes all heat some times no heat. No one has had any answers for us so far, it's been super frustrating not knowing if i'll have dry clothes in 1 hr or 4/5 hrs. YOU SERIOUSLY JUST SAVED THE DAY! Girl power fa sho. :) thanks for the jumping off point!


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