First things first. If you just want to cut the chatter and looking for my email info to contact me..well here ya go: bjamarrsfam@msn.com
Who am I?
Hi my name is ____ my name is ____ {next rapper?} Actually my name is Jen aka the Venus in this over populated Marrs home. 

The 4-1-1

Me: 36 years, married 16 years to my stud, 3 boys, 1 dogs, California girl, loud cheering baseball mom, loves to laugh, enjoy making others smile, gerber daises are my favorite, goofy as all gets, reality t.v.- can't get enough, believes in being a good person.


That pretty much sums "me" up. 
But as for what you will get on the blog blog..well...
Dance Videos
DIY this n' thats