Coffee Date Friday: Sunny 88 and Planner Talk

Hello! And I am back with yet another round of babbling talk! But this week we are chatting about keeping yourself organized - and how do you do it? For reals, I am all ears and want to know if you are a write it, see it, do it - or a phone gal and all hip with that ical.
Me? Write it - cross that crap off! Even if I already did the to-do, as it wasn't yet on the actual list.. I write it and cross it.. No one knows it wasn't there to begin with. So do it. Clean that bathroom, then write it on your to-do and then cross it off. I promise it does amazing things to your confidence.. instant booster. Talking about boosters.. you all are my boost. Thank you for the sweet words, welcome back Jen I got! It was so nice hearing from you and I am exited and hoping I can keep up this Coffee date to stay connected with you all. I truly did miss you! OK - keeping it short, because: It's gaaagaaagorgeous outside, I need to soak in it.
PS. Fill your days with people you love. xo!


  1. I love love love your PS!! Fill your days with people you love. xoxoxoxo You're my people girl!

  2. Sup Abe! Thanks for being born!!! haha I love it! I'm also really digging your planner, it's soooo pretty!! And I like that her mission is to find ways to bring people together. I'm also thinking next week we should get to see those daisy dukes. ;)

  3. Love seeing your smiling face again!! Happy weekend! Our kids get Monday off so three day weekend here. Thanks Abe! ;)


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