Coffee Date Friday + More!

We made it! Another week down in the books - Hallelujah! So Coffee Date today is coming atcha via text. I'm getting some serious housework done so yeahhhh you don't want to view this ball of sweat. You are welcome! Let's chat shall we? How was your week, how was your Valentine's Day? ohhhhlala! Let's kick it off right there... Sunday was a gorgeous kicking weather day in California, one you wanted to be outside for. So Bryan carried me away in his new boy toy to climb some serious hills... ya know - had to see if the 4X4 really worked. Boys. And then we hit some Taco Shop, because that wins over steak and potatoes any day of the week for me!!

Fast Forward to Tuesday... (Monday was just more soaking up the goodness the sunshine had to offer and pool time..I won't bore you with those details)

Tuesday..(some of/missed the rest of the team!!) Pollinate Media is on a Pontoon Boat .. What What! You guys, these girls are not only gaga-gorgeous, sweet and talented... but such a blast, and I get the honor of not only doing LIFE with them.. but work with them daily. Staaaaapppp it(said in my Andy voice from the bachelorette) Enough of the gushing love for them...cause I really could go on a lllllll day long. I'm on a BOAT!!


Now that I had a moment this Friday morning to enjoy these awesome memories of this week..and share them all with you over a cup of coffee- it's back to the Friday clean grind I go. BOO.

Hey, it can't always be pontoon boat evenings 24/7. gosh how nice would that be?

Share below how your week went - I always love hearing from you - and don't forget to check out all the Coffee Date link up with coffee loving gals..heyyyy over at Alissa's Casa! Until next week - Cheers!

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