My Mom

It's not everyday I get all gushy and introduce you to someone who means the world to me, my Mom. 

Moms are a pretty big deal. When you were little they picked the lice out of your hair, cleaned your toothpaste out of the bathroom sink and made you breakfast, lunch, after school snacks and dinner! They encouraged you to do your best and were always there if you needed an ear or just a hug. Moms are marvelous super power incredible beings! 

Disclaimer: I am a spoiled lucky girl. My Super Power Mom lives 5 minutes from me. 

This Mother's Day I wanted to find a way to show my mom how much I love her and how thankful I am of our friendship. I couldn't find a better way then to show up with some simply irresistible oh-so-dang-yummy Shari's Berries and enjoy them with her over some laughs.

While all the boys were at school, I snuck over to my sweet Mom's House, and surprised her with a yummy treat and visit. 

At first my Mom didn't want to share. I couldn't blame her... just look at those babies!

Then I convinced her to "bring them over here, let's catch up on life over on the couch mom... and hey, bring that plate of berries with ya" - Sold. Hook, line, sinker (she likes to chat) We then got our laughs and berry grubbing on. Oh was it ON! These strawberries you guys are so so good. Sweet with the perfect combo of chocolate coated.. I felt all fancy eating them! They made for the prefect treat to share with my Mom!

After we grubbed and figured out who was taking Derek to his soccer game tomorrow as Bryan and I are both busy with the other 2 kids of ours... again- spoiled girl, right? I just sat there for a minute thinking how lucky and blessed I was to share this moment with my Mom. My Mom is a wonderful example and someone I strive to be daily. 

 Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love you!

I want to thank Shari's Berries for sending us these amazing strawberries that I was able to share with my Mom. Of course all opinions are my own, but I'm telling you, these babies will make that special person in your life smile from ear to ear. Wishing you all a very Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Beautiful, I am not surprised that you know how blessed you are, because you're pretty special your self! Happy Mother's day to you and your special Mom! xoxoxo


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