Let's Play Ketchup, I mean Catch up

My name is still Jen Marrs. Still married to my love.
Still have only 3 boys. No I am not going for the girl.
After 8 years we have a updated family photo in the house!
Still have not found time to blog. Oh snap, I am writing a post now. Scratch that.
I love my job! Working at Pollinate Media and with amazing bloggers make me smile!
My DIY counters in my kitchen are finally giving up on life. I will be hiring someone.
My happy spot is still spitting seeds on the sideline of my middle man's baseball games.
I purchased my first bottle of root consealer to cover the greys. Thanks Mom. 
It snowed in Southern California the day before New Years. That will never happen again.
I had a crazy throw the crap out session and pitched all my Yearbooks. It will be ok, I have Facebook.
I sent my husband out for Carne Asada. He came home with a new dog and Carne. #minniemarrs
Dinner conversations hot topics are still poop and farts. That will never change.
Making some big decor changes in the master bedroom dept. Bring on the Romance! (p.s. I went with #1 chair)
I found that Mitchum Dry Powder (not clear/invisible) Rocks My Arm Pit Socks. It works guys!!
Freak out moment- oldest child driving. I can't be this old.
I turned 36 last month. oh Shoot that was 2 months ago, wait, am I 36 or 35?



  1. Hahahaha!!! Oh Jen, I have missed you. But like you... family comes first and I am barely making a post a month! Actually wrote a farewell post a few weeks ago, and cannot post it! :/ So... I am still clinging!
    Busy watching grandbabies... yes!!! I did say that. My son married and we were blessed with a 4 yr old Bella. Now 2 yrs later, there is an 8 month old Winston added... According to my DIL, we are coparenting. :) Fun... tiring fun.
    When did I get that old .
    Good to hear from ya!!! Keep on enjoying life... your luv and your amazing kids! It's what life is all about!
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Ha, missed you! What kind of dog is that? Beautiful.

  3. lol! I am constantly forgetting how old I am too! haha Glad you are back! love the pics ♥


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