STOK Grill, A Camping Essential!

We are big on camping over here in the Marrs house. This past summer we took a week long trip up to Lake Cachuma! We had an absolute blast playing games, fishing and eating all that fantastic "camping food". This time we brought along a new fun Camping Essential.... A STOK Grill

This portable gas Gridiron STOK grill is the best camping companion! It is also great for tailgating, picnics and so much more! Our food was perfected on this grill and I honestly could not have been more pleased with the quality and performance this baby delivered! So enough with me and all my talking, because I could go on for days about this STOK grill. I will let the photos take you away to Steak and Bacon STOK Pleasure Town!

One quick pull up from the handle, slip the latch in place. Done!
Easy propane hook-up (we also use the little propane tanks for tailgating use)

We cooked the Steaks on low, we also cut up red potatoes and wrapped them in foil with sliced butter. Dinner was delicious!

Our friends had to come check the bad boy out, and they were very impressed!

Good Morning! Did someone say Bacon? How about straight from the grill? 
No mess and cooked to perfection!

Release the latch
Lower it down
Roll out

The week flew by. 
Many memories were made, fish caught and loads of laughs were shared this Summer 2014 at Lake Cachuma. Until next time...


  1. This seems like the perfect portable grill. We grill every night, year round. I could see it being very useful!

    1. It is so perfect! We love having this on hand, great for so many occasions!

  2. I need one of these. It would be the perfect size for our small patio!

    1. Yes you DO! It is so easy to use and a great size indeed!

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