Light Fixture for Boys Bedroom

Holy Heckers, I have a blog post up! Can I get a what what? I am thrilled to share with you all my boys new light fixture in their bedroom that I received from National Builder Supply! First, love this company they are just amazing, super awesome customer service, fast shipping and quality items for all your needs in your home- so be sure to check them out! 

Once upon a time, we had a ceiling fan. 
Ceiling Fan and Bunk Beds don't really go with each other...unless you want to chop off your head. 

National Builder Supply saves the day!
How to install a flush mount light fixture
We are beyond thrilled with the new flush mount light fixture made by ET2 Lighting Elements as it goes awesome with the boys decor. Simple and stylish..thats what I love! It provides excellent light to the bedroom as well! Check out the before and after.... go ahead on the count of three..1, 2, 3 -- say WOW!
New Light Fixture for Boys Bedroom
I want to thank National Builder Supply for saving my boys heads and for supplying us a stylish new light fixture! Do you Remember my rad Delta Pilar Touch 2o Kitchen sink? If not, that baby is still rocking and we are loving it as well. Take a look at it if you want to stick around a bit! 

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