Spring Bunny Pillow

Who is ready for Spring? Yes please! I am so excited to share this fun sassy little cutie pie with you today. Oh and for the record, I made my first pom pom. Yep. Check out that sweet green little pom pom, get outta bunny town!

Spring Bunny Pillow

You guys, this pillow took me about 10 hopping minutes to pop out. Shall we?

10 minute bunny pillow

Then you place her out on your couch, along with some other pillows and a fun throw.
Instant Spring Fling is now kickin' in full force mode: Gotta love it.

Quick bunny pillow

Just look at it. It's like I want to make 8 more! Ok, not..but kind of right? You get me!

DIY bunny pillow

While we are on the bunny/rabbit trail, here is a fun, quick project I did last year. 

Wishing you and your cute bunnies a Happy Easter! 


  1. I love everything bunny during this time of year! Such a cute little pillow! Looking forward to seeing you at #snapconf next week!

  2. That pillow is adorable!!!

    We got a rabbit last summer, so now my kids are all about the bunny. They'd love this.


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