Recipe for Fruit Dip

It's Friday, Friday's are just rad. Friday's mean I get 2 full days of having all my boys home. Man is that the best! Guess what else Friday's mean … yep, Grandma Shirley is in the house! Now we have been munching on lots of fruit up in here lately! It's a great thing, don't get me wrong. But every now and then I would like a companion, say a dip dip or something. After finding this here Fruit Dip in my Grandmas Recipe Box… I am addicted! Bring on the fruit!

Fruit Dip

Now as for the recipe, it's a bit kind of like: Use your own judgements on the measurements. I didn't use a 32 oz. size yogurt, that's a lot of yogurt. I went with like 3 reg. size lime yogurts, 1 jar of Marshmallow Cream and some flaked coconut. That seemed to be good for my taste, but really just play with the recipe to your liking! It's a great tropical refreshing, great tasting fruit dip! Hope you give it a try!

Recipe for Fruit Dip

Go ahead and print this Fruit Dip Recipe.. and enjoy! Enough said, have a great weekend!

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