GYCO: Fiesta Ranch Potato Bites

Back with another challenge of Get Your Chef On…and Potato being our secret ingredient. This was a simple yet amazing little recipe I whipped up! Fiesta Ranch Potato Bites, dipped in some sour cream..oh my good! 

So if you wanted to make these bad boys, you really should, I am not going to twist your arm or anything, but DANG it they are good. You won't be sorry! Ok, here we go…. 

Shopping List
Brown Potatoes
Packet of Fiesta Ranch Dip {powdered}
Olive Oil
Sour Cream

Dice up your potatoes and put them into a ziplock baggie. Next pour a little bit of olive oil into the baggie with the potatoes. You want just enough to coat them. Now add in the packet of fiesta ranch dip {again, totally your call on how much of the packet you want to use} Again, coat the potatoes. 

On a cookie sheet pour a little bit of olive oil down, now add your potatoes and make sure they are all evened out, only 1 layer on the cookie sheet. Bake at 425 for 15-20 minutes. I didn't turn mine, but just keep checking them and test for doneness. Serve em up with some sour cream, and my oh my..enjoy!


  1. We use those fun ranch packets for a lot of things! I love putting them in my potatoes and roasts. YUM!

  2. That certainly seems easy! I love ranch with my potatoes. Pinning these to my side dishes board so I don't forget to try them soon!


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