My weekend in photos

Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. We sure did over here. The boys actually had Friday off..making it a 4 day weekend, that was fabulous! So I thought I would give you a quick glimpse at my weekend … Instagram Style.

Friday, Valentine's Day! Nothing means more to me then these 4 studs. They are the reason I smile.

Weather kicking a high 89 degree a beverage and my favorite snack were in order for Friday night. 
The boys ran their scooters to death, I sat in a chair and enjoyed the warmth.

Saturday morning rolled around and a Target trip was calling my name. 
I decided to roll with spooky socks-why not?!

Our peach tree was in full bloom, and the sky…well that was amazing too

Ended the day with great friends, red wine and a fire. Perfection!

A lazy Sunday morning, just what the Doc ordered. Puzzle, PJ's, coffee and House of Cards.

Monday was spent with some steak on the grill, yum.

That's a wrap! How did you spend your weekend?


  1. What a lovely weekend! Thanks for taking us along :-) OMG! You grabbed me when you said you watch House of Cards! LOVE that show!!! It's our Sunday and Tuesday night viewing!

  2. It almost sounds like summer! Sitting by the water, guacamole, kids playing outside, steak - no snow in sight! Looking forward to the return of days like this here! Glad you enjoyed it. Hugs, Leena

  3. I love weekends like that!! And I love your spooky socks too. ;)


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