Viva La Chicken

Friday already? Wow did that week fly by for me, hope it did for you as well! Up on deck, another fantastic recipe from my Grandma Shirley! This one was fun as we are huge mexican food fans over here. How about some Viva La Chicken my friends? Just the name in general is fun! 

We ate this fun Viva La Chicken up in no time! This is very similar to my Creamy Chicken Enchiladas, but I use flour tortillas in that…this is made with corn and is more like a casserole type dish. Loved it, and will be making it again very soon. 

Again, adore my grandmas actual handwriting on her cards. You may print out this Viva La Chicken Recipe for your collection. 

We served this with beans, chips and rice. So good! Hope you make it…and enjoy it like we did! See you next Friday for another fun recipe from Grandma Shirley's Recipe Box

Psst. Did you miss last week's recipe? Shortbread Cookies… nom,nom,nom!

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