T.G.I. Friday's Appetizers for Game Day! #TGIFGameDay

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TOUCHDOWN! Are you ready for a drooling intense post? No turning back now, sit down and indulge in the perfect game day grub T.G.I. Friday's Appetizers ladies and gents! 

TGIFriday's Appetizers for game day! #TGIFGameDay #CollectiveBias

Good thing I packed extra napkins…here ya go! What did I say? T.G.I. Friday's does not skimp out in the appetizer section: Not.At.All! Offering so many quality tasting, just like you were in their restaurant. Straight from the freezer, to your table. Football fans rave about this grub! It truly is a must have at your  table for the big game!

Blue 42, 14, 7 -- HIKE HIKE HIKE...

Shopping for grub at Walmart! #TGIFGameDay #CollectiveBias

Doesn't everyone go to Walmart and buy their game day appetizers this way? Only fitting right? You know what I say..life is too short, so have fun..and by all heck, embarrass those kids of ours! Oh and I have to fill you all in on a top notch secret! Walmart will be having a live T.G.I. Friday's demo! You can check out this grub for yourself, so make sure to stop in between 1/30/14 to 2/2/14. 

So I decided to go for the T.G.I. Friday's LOADED Cheddar & Bacon Potato skins - Holy Wham Bam Yum in my Tum! These are my must haves when I am actually eating at the restaurant, so I had to go with my gut. I also decided to grab some Boneless Chicken Bites for the kids, can't go wrong there!

Grub Prep with TGIFriday's Appetizers! #TGIFGameDay #CollectiveBias

Now it's Go Time, Game Day. Pull out your grub, heat up that oven to 450 and put these babies in! Best part ever is taking them out and seeing the restaurant quality sitting on your serving patters. Hundred bucks says your guests will think you ran all the way over to T.G.I Friday's and order this grub. Awesome story is, you didn't! How stink in' cool is that? Love it!

Serving TGIFriday's Appetizers for the big game! #TGIFGameDay #CollectiveBias

I added some fun toothpicks to the chicken and hello pop those babies in your mouth say what? The delicious Potato Skins are just that. Melt in your mouth, delicious! I think these are going to be a new staple in my home. Perfect go-to appetizer no doubt!

Grubbing down on TGIFriday's Appetizers! #TGIFGameDay #CollectiveBias

So the big game is on, grub is laid out thanks to T.G.I. Friday's rocking appetizers…which all the guests will enjoy, and clearly the kids! Make sure snatch some of these babies up for the upcoming game. Thank you T.G.I. Friday's for always making my game table complete!


  1. These finger food are perfect for a party. Foods that both the kids and parents can enjoy! #client

  2. This is great! The perfect food to snack on for the big game! #client

  3. Now I am really hungry! Love the picture of your ass and also of D-man! I want to kiss his cheeks!

  4. Those look SO good ... that's what I'm stocking up on for the Super Bowl!

  5. Ok - now I'm starving!! Great num-nums for game day!!

  6. OMG these look so delicious! Where have they been all my life? Thanks for letting me know about them... I am buying some for sure!

  7. Oh..girl....I grew up on eating these at the restaurat but to take them home...holla!!!

  8. Didn't know you could buy these at the store now - I'm with Bonnie and Trish -- I still think of these as something you can only get at the TGIF restaurants! Little did I know...obviously! ;) Thanks!


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