Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Happy Friday friends! Today I am sharing my first post to my new blog series! Are you as pumped as I am? So what are we waiting for, let's dive on in! I have to tell you that my grandma's "dessert/cookie" section in her recipe box is busting at the seams. I am going to start out with a recipe that just sounded amazing…Shortbread Cookies!

The BEST Shortbread Cookies Recipe Ever!
Really? Does it get any better then this?
Oh it does..my grandma's original recipe right below!
I told you this series is going to ROCK your socks!
I just LOVE seeing her handwriting, it reminds me of her sweet touch.

Shortbread Cookies Recipe

You can of course print this Original Grandma Shirley's Shortbread Cookies Recipe, and add it to your own recipe collection today! All the cool kids are doing it. These cookies were just, just right. Not too sweet, but sweet enough. They paired fantastic with my coffee this morning as well! Enjoy and I will see ya next Friday for another round of Grandma Shirley's Recipe Box! 

P.S. I gave this series it's very own pinterest board.. so make sure you are following and have a great weekend!


  1. One of my favorite cookies...doesn't get much better then good old fashioned shortbread.

  2. I lurrrrve shortbread - these look fantastic! Pinned! xo

  3. My grandmother was a war bride from Scotland, and I have MANY of her recipes! Love this!

  4. handwritten recipes are so priceless!!! love <3


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