Fresh Color & My Word

Hello Hello my friends! Welcome to the new year… 2014! Are you ready to rumble this year with me? Oh boy, oh boy. I may have been quiet these last couple of weeks. Just enjoying the fam bam, you know how that goes. I have to be honest, I have loved it! Usually by this time having them home for 2 weeks I am at my wits end..ready to kick them off to school. This time it has been different. The holidays were simple yet so rewarding. I slowed down and really just enjoyed the moment. It was so refreshing! I have been busy getting this house in order. My heck… I am a throwing, chucking crap away fool I tell you what! I am so SICK of clutter and toys and clothes! Watch the heck out-- it's getting donated!!! ha! Wow..can you tell I have missed talking to you? It's like I am writing a letter to my best friends - pssst. that's you! Alright, so a new year is here. What on earth shall we do? Well I have to say NEW HAIR. That does the trick- spunky it up ladies! 

Fresh Hot Color… brings me to my next little topic. 
not like "word up" - just plain ol' Word.
Every year I pick a word.. ok, I am lying.. but this year I picked a word. 
A word to live by this 2014. My word is:

This year I want to step out in new adventures, ones that have been looking at me.. I want to go get them! How fun right?! And it's possible ..oh yes it is.. anything is possible! I want to speak out in a way where I can help others. Even if it is a simple, hello to a stranger.. you could have just made their day! Last I want to reach out. I am going to reach so far, grab it and rock this year so hard! 

I have to tell you all something. 
Thank you
Thank you for all your support, kind words, your friendships and your love.
It means more than you will ever know!
Now- enough talking and let's get rocking!
Happy New Year 


  1. I love that you've been quiet and enjoyed your time with your boys! And I totally get the "ready to kick their butts back to school", my boys have been great until the last two days...pretty sure I need to find my balance between patience and not wanting to strangle the little angels ;) xoxo

  2. Hey there cute gal. I am loving your fabulous color! So awesome. Happy New Year to you too :)

    I am still trying to find time to gelish my nails out! I am so happy to hear you love it. So MUCH FUN right?!

  3. I love your word, girl. You always SHINE!! Happy happy 2014!! xoxo


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