Easy {Kid Friendly} Orange Peeling Trick

You have a big -O- Orange that needs to be peeled. Those things can be a pretty pistol I tell you what. Especially for those kiddos. My kids have been wanting these juicy oranges in their lunches, however they can't start the peel. So I decided to do what my mom did back when I was a kid. She jump started my orange peeling process, bagged it up and threw it in my lunch. Super easy to peel. So today I am sharing with you all the Kid-Friendly easy way of Orange Peeling. 

Easy Orange Peeling Trick

You will be sending those huge oranges in those lunch boxes ..and they will love you for it! If they are anything like my twerps, they will want to show off just how easy-e it is to peel an orange to all their classmates. They forgot that I totally had a huge part in this ease. It's ok, they peeled it themselves and that's all that matters! 

Ready-Set? Keep your eyes A"peeled" now...

Steps on how to peel an orange

The steps are totally easy as you can see from above. Basically you cut off both ends of the orange. Slice through the peel from top to bottom cutting all the way through the peel. Now at this point you would place it into a sandwich baggie and your kids will do the rest! 

It's lunch time, they are getting out that juicy orange ready to dig in. They will just peel down from the slits that you sliced… taking off the peel in sections! Done! How amazing and easy is that? 

Love it. 
Now, get your peel on! 

I am all about Easy/Quick/Tips: Have you seen my how to peel a potato without using a peeler method?

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  1. That is so smart! My daughter, aged 7, is so challenged in areas such as this... Going to give it a go with her.


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