Very Portable Pocket Speaker #PocketBoom

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Are looking for Boom Boom Boom? You gotta get get this, no diggity no doubt, very portable Pocket Speaker today! I tell you what, this little baby can bust a tune .. and is kicking it big time in the style department! All you music dancing lovers, this Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker should be top on your Christmas list this year!

Portable Pocket Speaker #PocketBoom #shop

Let's chat it up a bit about this rockin' Pocket Speaker shall we? First, you can find this guy/girl it's your speaker.. call it what you may. My girl is named Bouncin' Bass Betty. You can find it at any Apple Store today! Yep, I just went there the other day and man oh man do they have colors galore to choose from!

Portable Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker #PocketBoom #shop

I went with boring black, I know, I know. I am now kicking myself thinking I should have done the pink/white color combo! Betty looks better in pink. Oh well! Maybe my next one. Wait, what? Did Jen just say she was purchasing another Pocket Speaker? Why on earth would she do that? Because if one is so much fun, imagine what it would be like when you pair another one! 360 sound. OH MY! I can't even imagine what my ears would do.. freak out!  How awesome is that? I have to mention this as well, this baby syncs up through bluetooth on any device! Apple or Droid..you name it, bluetooth sync it up and bam! Feel the vibration… come on … feel it feel it… 

Cooking with tunes from the portable pocket speaker! #PocketBoom #shop

So I have to fill you in on something. I really do like cooking dinner. But I really Love to dance! So what better way to bring the FUN back into the Kitchen Cooking than one Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker at a time? I am starting something here, hop on board! Cooking dinner will not be the same, nope. Grab that wooden spoon, turn those noodles and turn yourself around while rocking out! 

You:   Jen! Jen! Jen! 
Me:    What? 
You:   We want to see you in action..rocking out in the kitchen!
Me:     Psssh. Done!

Sleek Portable Pocket Speaker #PocketBoom #shop

Well? You need one right? I told you! I love this little Betty, so portable and perfect. The sound is crisp, clear, loud or soft. With awesome speakers on both sides and the size of a cell phone, pop this girl in your purse and off you go. Instant Portable Poppin' Tunes. Put a big red bow on this one…and throw it under that Christmas Tree folks, you won't be sorry!


  1. Oh I love that! I can see my husband using it when he's working out in the garage! You crack me up, my dear!

    1. Tara… this lil baby can ROCK! He will love it!

  2. Oh I LOVE it!! Emma was just asking for a portable speaker for Christmas! I'm looking for this baby! Perfect!

  3. I want one of these...I'm slightly jealous....more than slightly....really jealous...I'm in tears now...but I'll survive! Love your review and photos...at least I know that what I am coveting is awesome.

  4. My husband would LOVE this! Thanks for sharing!

  5. That's cool... new gift idea for my tween... thanks!

  6. Perfect for a couple of ppl on my Christmas list...really, I've never seen these! thx!!!

  7. You are such a riot - a perfect jam session with my morning coffee!! Woot!! This is an awesome, rockin' little holiday gift!

  8. I'd probably go with black for the first one, too. But yeah, for your next one...pink. For sure! Thanks so much! Brandi from Collective Bias

  9. I so need one of those, Jen you are the original Kitchen Dancer!

  10. What a great gift idea! Or just for me - lol!!!

  11. Omg, you are adorable! Love that picture of you in your kitchen. This would be such a fun gift idea! Thanks for sharing!

  12. This is so cool! I love that you can use it for both Apple and Android products. And the Bluetooth? So smart!

  13. This is such a great gift idea for our teenager! Love the video review, too! :)

  14. Now I want to rock out when I cook dinner too! It looks like so much fun. #client


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