10 Minute Tortellini Soup

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You know what I love? A good hearty soup… and one that can be done in 10 minutes! Time is a valuable thing. Busy moms I am talking your language right? So I whipped up  this amazing tortellini soup just for you!  Here let me pass you a napkin and a spoon, you are going to want to dig in on this one!

Oh me. Oh my. This tortellini soup is not only pretty on the eye. It tastes absolutely scrumptious and was a crowd pleaser over here. The chilly weather is kicking in California {depending on the day} ha! My house has also been hit by runny noses, colds and upset tummies. This soup is a fix all on so many levels. Allowing me to tend to the sickies, I can whip this baby out and give them some yumminess to sip on. Barilla tortellini saves the day.. no joke!

Simple ingredients, simple soup, yum yum. 

Recipe for 10 Minute Tortellini Soup

- Barilla Tortellini
{I picked up mine at VONS which is giving an instant savings of $.75 off {1} package of Barilla Tortellini}
- 2 cartons of Chicken Broth
- 1 carrot
- Chopped Italian Parsley
- Shredded Parmigiana cheese

Let's get cooking!

Pour in your Chicken broth.

Peel in some carrots.
Now bring the broth and carrots to a boil over the stove. 

Add in the Barilla Tortellini and continue cooking on high for 10 minutes. 
Stirring every now and then.

Add some chopped Italian parsley and grate some parmigiana cheese over top. Enjoy!

This soup hits the spot on so many levels. 
- Time

Like I said, this soup just simply rocks my socks. Being a busy mom, I need to bust out amazing recipes for my family..this one is definitely a keeper. Make sure to check out Barilla on Facebook as they are just plain fabulous! Also be sure to check out all my busy mom recipes.. I gotcha covered!


  1. YUM!! Jen, this soup looks amazing and so easy too!! xoxo

  2. Holy comfort food, this looks scrumptious!! It's gotten {slightly} chillier at night here in FL and I love me some awesoem soups in teh WInter, yes I do. This is on my list and pinning! xo

    1. {PS: ignore the typos as my fingers can't keep up with my brain - lol}

  3. This looks so SO good! Like, I'm going to go brave the crazy Christmas shopping crowd at the grocery store to go get the ingredients for this NOW kind of good! :)


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