Save time cooking with a Wonderbag

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Wonderbag say what? Oh, I have you wondering don't I…I love it! Sit down, you are going to want to focus on this post. What if I told you that this here "Wonderbag" will save you time in the cooking department. Sold yet? Oh you will be right after I am done explaining how this magic Wonderbag whips food out while cooking and chilling on your counter all day long! My story with the Wonderbag goes something like this:

Save Time Cooking with a Wonderbag
Hi! My name is Jen, I clean, scrub dirty toilets, fold laundry, mop, taxi kids around, make lunches, feed the dogs, mow the lawns, get my hair done, wash the cars, plant pretty flowers, work on PTA, get coffee with my girlfriends, run a really cool blog….and cook dinner every night! Ok, so maybe the cook dinner every night part isn't true, but hey I really do try! When the boys get out of school, it's go time! Go to Tae Kwon Do practice, Baseball Games, Cub Scouts… you get me, I know you do! I have to tell you, lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed...

And then something entered my life.

How to cook with a wonderbag and save time

A gift from god is what I call it.  Her name {yes I named her} is "Winona" Wonderbag. 
"Winona" Wonderbag ladies, turned this here Jen into Wonder Woman!
You see, I am able to do all my normal everyday crazy runnings…while dinner is cooking away in my new hip rocking Wonderbag! It is so easy to use and saves time!

Wonderbag saves you cooking time

How to cook with a Wonderbag: All you need to do is bring your dish you are preparing to a complete boil on the stove. Let boil for 15-20 minutes, then transfer with a tight lid to your Wonderbag. Drawstring that baby up and let it kick it for 12 hours! 

Cooking with a Wonderbag is easy

Did you know the Wonderbag was created to help women in other countries step away from the fire preparing dinner so that they could focus on their relationship with their family members? Now that is something truly remarkable. I had no idea that women in third world countries spent 4-6 hours making dinner. Did you? Guess what is another amazing feature about the Wonderbag. For every Wonderbag purchased here in the United States through Amazon, one is sent to a family in need over in Africa. Now if that doesn't get a WHAM BAM..I don't know what does!

Why I love the Wonderbag:
*saves time 
*saves energy {no electric needed}
*saves money
*perfect for pot lucks, camping, on the go moms, busy moms, baseball games, tailgating
*amazing giveback program
*stylish designs

Do you smell that? Follow your nose...

Use the Wonderbag for tailgating

Anyone up for a Taco Tailgate party?

What you need:
Pork Roast
Salsa Verde Salsa
Taco Toppings
Taco shells

Place pork roast in pan with salsa, bring to a boil. Cook on stove with tight lid for about 15 minutes. Place and bundle in your Wonderbag! It's that easy folks!

This went with us to Mason's baseball game last week…dinner was served, while watching my kid work the field. Talk about Wonder Woman saving the day. Whoop!
Thank you "Winona" Wonderbag, we make a rocking team!

I really hope you check out the Wonderbag, it would make a great addition to your kitchen!
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  1. This is seriously awesome! I love that they donate one to other countries too - that's incredible! Going to go check it out on Amazon RIGHT now!

    1. Heidi…down right awesome-- you nailed it! Love this baby!!

  2. Oh my gosh, how cool is this? Why don't you drive dinner down here to me! BAM! Dinner & a Jen! Seriously, this looks amazing & I seriously need to check Wonderbag out because there is nothing worse to me than standing over an oven & stove for 45 minutes!

    1. Deal! I will whip something up…and bring it on down! :)

  3. This is tempting the inner Doomsday Prepper in me...

  4. Thanks so much for such a great post! And I love that you dressed like Wonder Woman!


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