My love story

Today is a super special day. Not only is it Thanksgiving, which I have so much to be grateful for. It is the day I married my best friend. I usually don't post ooey-gooey love posts. But for some reason it is just something I am going to go with today. 

My love story goes something like this.

The year was 1996, my Junior year of High School. In my 4th Period, Social Studies class I sat next to this cute skater boy. He was always so nice to me, made me laugh… and laugh some more. Later in the year he asked me out. I was full of excitement. This boy made me feel special. We shared the same sense of humor, cracked jokes, both came from great families and just looked at life in the same way. I knew this guy had something I was definitely interested in. 

1 month later, we were officially going out. I headed over to his house to watch Clueless. I will never forget this: "Hey look, you have a bug on your shoulder." {his hand touched my shoulder, and it jumped across to the other shoulder} Now of course as you can imagine, butterflies in my stomach, he had his arm around me. He had me at the bug shoulder trick!

Fast forward 2 years.. Wow that went fast! 

1998 -I am pregnant! 
1998- Let's get married! Vegas style baby! Let's be super real, we didn't have money. We were 18… so the quick Vegas wedding was just the way we rolled. Many ask me if I wished I had a real wedding. I can honestly answer no. My wedding was perfect for Bryan and I, we literally drove on in {drive-thru} kiss kiss and hit Denny's for breakfast. I didn't need all the glamour, just my love. 

3 healthy kids later, 18 cars, 3 houses, 2 dogs, .. all in 15 years. To say I am lucky is an understatement.  I am so blessed and thankful that our love story continues everyday. Marriage is work, but oh my gosh..so so worth it. I'm grateful for his love, support, providing for the boys and I, pushing me, his smiles, his jokes, his partnership… he is my soulmate. 

Happy Thanksgiving friends! 


  1. Congratulations!! You are one lucky girl to have found your soul mate so early in life. What a wonderful life you have built together. Wishing you many, many more years together.

  2. Awww now, shucks. Got a little verclempt {verCLAIREpt??} reading this. How lucky are we to find our soul mates and have 15 years (but closer to 18 year together) and three boys each under our cute little belts?? Love you girl, and so glad you found your sweet man as early as you did. I was 26 and you got a head start on me, Mama but we found them!! A big fat "CHEERS" to you both and all the best for the next 15 yrs and beyond. xoxo


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