M&M's and Video Games!

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Stop. Bust out the M&M's, Xbox controller and listen. Slip in the Forza Motorsport 4 and get whippin' . Something grabs ahold of me tightly, don't worry it is just my man. {wiping my forehead} Race on!

Video racing games are my thing believe it or not, and so are M&M's! My man, well yes, he is definitely my thing. Mix them all together and we got a fun filled date night my friends! I just so happen to be sharing it with you today…let's hit the track!
Forza 4 #shop

Forza 4 Motorsports is "the bomb" - super fun and competitive… yes M&M's were thrown during our match, however no one was injured. We were thrilled to have a fun night of racing. We put int Forza 4 and it was on! 

date night video games #shop

I am super excited to share with you guys that Forza 5 {for Xbox one} is coming out! This game is going to be off the charts! You can grab your copy of Forza 5 November 22, 2013. Forza 5 is known to make your hands literally shake with excitement! What a great Christmas present for the boys or any kiddos/adults on your list!

m&ms plus video games #shop

We enjoyed our dueling racing matches with the help of Peanut M&M's. You really can't ask for a better treat when racing. They are easy to pop in your mouth in-between turns! I think I ate about 30 of them, Bryan was a serious racer with only popping in 10. 

Guess what else is popping awesome! Beginning Novemeber 22, 2013 a super awesome promotion at Walmart will be LIVE! Buy Forza 5 GameBuy participating M&M’s products (+ Participating products include: M&Ms Peanut 42oz Stand Up Pouch, M&Ms Milk 42oz Stand Up Pouch, M&Ms Peanut Butter 38oz Stand Up Pouch, M&Ms Pretzel 30oz Stand Up Pouch, M&Ms Peanut 19.2oz Large Laydown Bag, M&Ms Milk 19.2oz Large Laydown Bag, M&Ms Peanut Butter 18.4oz Large Laydown Bag, M&Ms Pretzel 15.4oz Large Laydown Bag.)

Snap a photo of qualifying items of the receipt on your phone and text it to 811811

Redeem:  You will receive a text back with a reward code valid for a $10 eGift card to Walmart.

How cool is that?!

forza racing xbox #shop

He beat me. It's ok, I was really in it for the M&M's {that's what I told him} I have been practicing while he is at work…so soon, rematch - I will work him! This games was super easy to control, I loved picking out my car and all the different race tracks! 

video games and m&ms #shop

Like I said. I was the M&M eater, and he was the serious gamer. Taylor {my dog} .. she wanted the M&M's too, smart girl I tell ya! For the record, just so you know, fun Xbox racing games along with some M&M's may lead to…..

xbox 360 Forza 4 #shop

Just sayin' 

Head out and buy this game today along with some M&M's and have a racing/racy fun date night! 


  1. Ewwww!! Racy!!! You funny girlie!! Yeah, too cool post!! It totally makes me want to grab one of these babies (Ok the game also!), perfecto ending!!

    Hugs my silly friend!!

  2. Mr. B would be thrilled beyond belief if I told him I wanted a video game date night. He'd also want to check my DNA to see if it was really me saying that LOL! I'm so not into video games but I AM into MM's and gettin' racy ;-)

  3. This is funny. I would be right with you, getting beat and eating the M&M's. (I'd also probably spend most of my time crashing into the walls...my racing game skills sort of top out at Super Mario Kart.



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