Kitchen Faucet: Delta Pilar Touch2O

Welcome to my kitchen! 

Delta Pilar Touch2O

I am stinkin' sinkin' excited to share my new kitchen faucet with you all! Seriously I LOVE washing dishes now, and no that is not a joke. I actually love just touching my new Delta Pilar Touch2O faucet, so much that I could touch it and just stare at it all day long. It's stunning gorgeous! 

Kitchen Faucet: Delta Pilar Touch2O

The story goes something like this. A fantastic company National Builder Supply sent me this beautiful faucet … I {with the help of my husband} installed it….{which was super quick and easy} and now I can't stop doing dishes!

This faucet is made by Delta. It is the Delta Pilar Touch2O model in brilliance stainless finish. It's perfect you guys. I love the soap dispenser, easy to refill and pumps out the perfect drop of soap for me to use. The faucet is just fantastic, look at the arch…love it. The handle does the job well allowing you to easily switch it over from hot or cold. That is also touch on/off. Leave the handle in the "on" position and just a light touch, turns it right off. 

Full review on Delta Pilar Touch2O

Besides being smoking hot in the style department. It is:
Easy to Install {directions were perfect}
Very functional
Perfect finish {matches my other appliances spot on}
Touch feature allows kids to easily turn on/off
Touch feature to me is very sanitary {no yucky germs}
Faucet always looks spot free due to the touch on/off

In LOVE with the Delta Pilar Touch2O

Out with the old and in with the new! Nothing beats a new sink and faucet to finish off my laminate countertops painted to look like granite {which are still holding up amazing} .. my kitchen is now, finally complete!

Disclaimer: I did receive this awesome sink from National Builder Supply. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Mr. B HATES the faucet in the kitchen! I love me a big arch so that I can get BIG pots under it. Looks like you've solved both of our wants!! Off to check it out...

    1. Kathe… honestly dishes are super fun-- washing hands are even a blast! We LOVE this Faucet and it works like a charm..it was so so easy to install as well! For sure, Check it out!

  2. It looks awesome! I need a new sink...but hubby hates installing them...I wonder if I just take it out, then he will HAVE to help me..:)
    Love it.

    1. Seriously Karin..get your hands on one of these bad boys! It is the best faucet ever!

  3. What is the thing to the right of your faucet handle? I also have 4 holes on my sink & are wondering what to do with the 4th one. I bought the Pilar (I love ebay) as as Christmas gift to myself.

    1. You are going to LOVE it! The 4th hole is the dishwasher drainage hole. If you do not need one of these, they do sell "caps" I believe for the extra holes. I would check Lowes or Home Depot! Enjoy your sink!!


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