Kids Thanksgiving Placemats

Still time to whip these easy but of so cute Kids Thanksgiving Placemats! You are just in time…create that fun kids table without spending a dime! A great DIY interactive Thanksgiving kids placemat is what's up on the blog today! So gobble your way over, here we go!

Kids Thanksgiving Placemats

It's almost Turkey Day, let me hear you shout hooray! You may, or may not have a kids Thanksgiving table, but if you do this is a fun way to keep those busy minds entertained! Giving them fun games and activities right in front of them will keep them sitting {maybe} a tad longer than usual. What I absolutely LOVE about these placemats? They were 100% Free! 

Easy Kids Thanksgiving Placemats

As you can above. 3 simple supplies. If you want to include the "Thankful Feather" Activity you will need: 1 cutie/orange & feathers {made from toothpicks and card stock}

DIY Kids Thanksgiving Placemats

Start by cutting slits in the sides, ruffle them up for fun! 

Fun and Interactive Kids Thanksgiving Placemats

Then get your sharpies and let the games begin! I thought it would be fun to trace where the plate and cup goes. Then I did a word search, tic tac toe and the thankful feather activity. Of course this is your placemat, so do with it what you may! You can do jokes and riddles, trivia questions about Thanksgiving..get creative! 

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