#CerealWars have begun..get your fight on!

I’d like to thank General Mills for sponsoring today’s post, but my love for Star Wars and cereal is all my own!
Confession: Sometimes after dinner, right before I go to bed, I indulge in a big bowl of cereal. I would take it over a bowl of ice cream.. I mean- that is my go to, when my ice cream is out! HA! No but really, cereal is so good, and who knew.. could be so fun!? I want to announce something super cool: CEREAL WARS! My boys are stoked that we have 2 boxes of  Big G Cereals "Cereal Wars" kicking in our house right now. Yes they did just eat it for lunch! 

Let's be real though. What and Why did they want these flavors? Well hello FREE STAR WARS PEN screaming at me right on the front box. My kids are in love with Star Wars, so these collector pens are a must have in the Marrs house! Check them out below..hello awesomeness! 

Guess what? This happened today...
Once upon a time, a girl name Jen dressed up as a Clone Trooper. 

She walked into the crazy Marrs House, that stank like boys, with 2 boxes of Big G Cereal. Yes she went through Darth Vader who tried to take her down in the garage. But she made it. She yelled asked the boys to get their bowls, milk and spoons. Poured them some goodness and let them eat as if they belonged in a zoo. 

Then the war really started, pens came out, Coco puffs flying…. trying to take Obi wan kenobi down. No way, Jen the Clone Trooper stopped them in their tracks. She yelled "Stop - or the Star Wars are leaving the house!" And they did. Obi wan kenobi then doodled the day away.

Too fun right? You have gotta get in on this fun Cereal War action today! Stop by and see all the amazing fun videos people are creating.. I just love them all! My boys really loved watching them too!

Visit the Cereal Wars Tumblr page to:
1) View the hilariously creative Cereal Wars: Edible Episodes and share the content right from the page.
2) Select the “request” button, and submit your idea for a scene, or get creative and upload your own video for a chance to be featured on the Cereal Wars website!
3) May the force be with you…in your odds of winning! Three unofficial Star Wars fan sites will host a giveaway of five high-value collector’s items from the Lucasfilm archives. Submit your video requests on the site to be eligible to win, and winners will be chosen by the site administrator. The links to the fan websites are listed under the “About” section of the Cereal Wars website.

Here is my fun video on Instagram!

Good luck, and my the odds be ever in your favor!


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