Acorn Necklace

Acorns are: Pretty, Free and Create Gorgeous Accessories. 

As I walked over to the mailbox, something crunched under my shoe. An Acorn. I looked all around and there were thousands. I immediately went down picking. I came home with a handful and I knew there was just something I could create using these cute acorns. We all know I am a nut myself, so a Acorn Necklace only seemed fitting to rock this Thanksgiving! 
Acorn Necklace

I had everything on hand. A necklace, a clasp to hang the acorn from and glue. 

How to make an acorn necklace

I will spare you all the grueling details on how hard it was to glue this acorn on this clasp. Kidding, it was a cinch. Done in 3 seconds. 

Acorn necklace

I can already see this Acorn Necklace completing my Thanksgiving outfit. 
It is the perfect little accessory. 


  1. So delicate and pretty Jen! We don't have acorns on the ground around here :-( I have to buy them at the store. Same with seashells. Maybe I need to move?

  2. This is gorgeous and so easy...the best kind of project!


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