A NickMom Spilling Shoe Funnies!

"I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective bias and its client."

Newsflash! Nickelodeon is not "just for kids" - Nope! Nick Moms are getting in on the action now too! That's right moms, boy oh boy am I stoked to share this fun site with you! So put those kiddos to bed, or yell at them to go to bed, grab your adult beverage..you deserve it! Snuggle up on that couch with your laptop and join me over at NickMom.com! Let's share some crazy laughs shall we?
Let's talk about something all us moms love.
Shoes. Shoes do say so dang much about someone.
Am I right?
Nick Mom- Shoes #Motherfunny #shop

 What do your shoes really say about you? I am loving the Crocs analysis: You're insane! HA! I love it! Get outta timbuck town on those Birkenstocks. Kale Chips say what? That is pure awesomeness! What about those cut-out {get the heck out} wedge booties....? Karadashian's wannabes! Ok Ok, I am not hating on all you hot mamas that can rock those wedges. Speaking of wedges {my boys like to give out wedgies..sorry off topic..focus Jen} 

I have a confession:
 I own the cutest pair of black wedges..{under all that grass}
..and I rock the crap outta those babies. 
So what if I look like I am 24, you should know I am 34 and workin' it!
Let's take a closer look at these "Wedges"
Shall we?
Nickelodeon: Nick Mom #Motherfunny #shop

SPICE GIRLS IN THE HOUSE!!! So are we having fun yet? I kind of don't want to go.. I know, I know.. NickMom is too cool right? You should totally add it to your bookmarks and make it your go-to, wine in left hand, right hand clicking on all the funnies, after the kids go to bed, run on sentence? happy place! Thanks for hanging with me and allowing me to share this fun site with you other crazy moms like myself! 

Pssst: I gotta know, because I am a nosey mother, What Shoe are you up there? Please leave me a comment below .. spill it!


  1. Apparently I haven't bought new shoes since 1992 ;) Um, hellooo, where are the boots on there!?!

    1. haha! Right? No boots! Not ok! Me and my converse are out! ;)

  2. Um... do my Crocs flip flops make me insane?? They are insanely comfy so I am down with that! Slightly crazy up in here! xoxo

  3. HAHAHA! LOVE your video! You totally win my vote as America's Next Spice Girl. Totally.

    And since you're nosy, My shoes of choice aren't listed there but I can tell you what they say about me. Flip Flops: I'm flapping lazy. And cool enough that I rock flops with even fancy dresses because they go with my sleeve tattoo. And I like to show off my foot tattoos and non-existent pedicures.

    My second shoe of choice is a boat shoe (SPERRY, BABY!) and I totally WOULD love everyone to believe that I own a yacht, which is why I saved all of my pennies last year to buy myself a Dooney & Bourke purse on clearance. I might be late on the 'lectric bill, but my neighbors ain't gotta know dat, yo.


  4. You are completely & totally cray cray & I love it. I wear ballet flats or tennis shoes. What that says about me is that I am boring & I hate wearing shoes BAM!


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