DIY Tutu

Aaaahhhhh Chew. Bless me. 
Silly me, this is not a pass me the kleenex post {although that is coming folks..don't stress} - This is a DIY TUTU post! You can clearly see how I got all mixed up right? Aaahh Chew/Tutu ... glad you understand.  So yes, today I am going to show you a quick easy diy tutu. Do you have 5 minutes? Well then you my friend can bust this baby out! Let's tuck n' roll...here we go!
Cute, Sassy...and just in time for Halloween .. right? Or heck, make it, work it...hit the town. No? Then do what you fancy with this Cheetah roaring beast. So you have have seen me rocking this bad boy in my Just Dance videos. Secret: Spin around..you instantly feel like a super star. 

Holy wait 5 minutes..that is it? Why yep, yes it's true... I told you! So would you rock this tutu? Come on, join the Tutu party and create one today! 

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  1. So, now I'm thinking I need to make me a tutu to do house cleaning in! I won't rock it as hard as you do but, with the blinds wide open I think I can still impress our new neighbors ;-)

  2. I'm totally diggin' the tutu in your videos! It adds just the right amount of pizazz and jazz while you dance away your azz Hugs, Leena


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