"What I Wonder" {Wednesday}

Hello all! Another Wednesday.. gosh these come and go so quick these days! My boys are all back in school. This is the first year all boys are in school all day long! The silence in the house..is pretty amazing. With the silence, I think..and when I think, I wonder.

I am a wonderer

I wonder what my natural hair color really is.
I wonder if my boys think I am as cool as I do.
I wonder what heaven will be like.
I wonder if I will bungee jump.
I wonder what my boys will be when they grow up.
I wonder what a day at the hubs job is like. 
I wonder if the house will clean itself.
I wonder if the mail lady loves her job.
I wonder why flies that run into the window don't knock themselves out.
I wonder if my boys brushed their teeth.
I wonder when our next big family vacation will be to.
I wonder if I should grow my hair back out.
I wonder why people are mean.
I wonder why boys can't put the toilet seat back down.
I wonder what a girl Marrs would look like.
I wonder how I can make this house more functional.
I wonder if I paid all the bills..hurry check!
I wonder what it would be like to live back when my grandma did.

I wonder about a lot of things.. these are just a few random wonders! 
What do you wonder?

Have a great week my friends!


  1. I wonder if I should have worn a better bra for that chest bump? LOL! Have a great day Jen! Hugs, Leena

  2. I wonder if I should be lazy and go back to bed or if I should actually spend the day accomplishing something. LOL! Rock on, girlfriend!


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