"What I packed" {Wednesday}

Welcome to another "what I" Wednesday! Today is a very exciting day over at the Marrs house! School is back in session... First day is - Today! Derek is hitting first grade and is super stoked! I asked Derek what he was most excited about and his answer was "eating lunch at school" - I get it! This is a big big deal, he is a big big boy now!  

What I Packed!

Check out that first grader! Pretty cute am I right? 

I am tickled water wonkers over these Reduce water week kid bottles
Perfect size {20oz}
Fun colors
Great for lunches
Super for those sport practices
Money Saving
Safe Plastic

So simple to use... ready?



And Go!

Need I say more? 
These are pretty much rocking in our fridge...ready to grab at any given moment! 
I love it!

Where to buy?
Kroger Stores
Reduce Everyday

Great News... I am giving one set of these WaterWeek Kids-Kaleidoscope away!
Just leave me a comment sharing what you usually pack in your kids lunches... don't forget to include your email address! Giveaway will run for 7 days! Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize, before I pick another winner!

Congrats Devi!
Email me girl!

I was sent these awesome Reduce bottles to try... all opinions are 100% mine!


  1. Aww, he is SUCH a cute 1st grader!! And those bottles look awesome! Hope he has a super fun 1st day!

    1. Forgot to add this part... My boys like PB&J, apple slices, crackers, cheese sticks, yogurt... the usual suspects. Also, orange chicken and rice, or soup in a thermos on a cold day.

  2. Love the wink in the last picture LOL! No more packing kids lunches but, I pack Mr. B's everyday with leftovers and a water bottle so, I would use these for his lunch! (and seriously, aren't men all little boys anyway??)

  3. Hey Jen! I am loving those fun resusable water bottles!! I have been using the mini water bottles in kaity's lunch. She just throws them away and I keep buying more. stupid. Those bottles rock!

  4. Oh to be back in 1st grade again!! What a handsome young man!! These reusable bottles are adorable. Although I don't have children of my own (yet), I do have a nephew who just started 2nd grade today. They grow so fast. Sometimes if I have to take him to school (cause his mom works nights) I will get him some snacks for school and I make sure he has water, cause boy can that boy drink water. Like its going out of style. So why not try to win these for him to send him to school in style, just like your boy!! ( Crissy.Shinn@gmail.com )

  5. Those look awesome!!! I love them!

    Standard lunch: Sandwich, Crackers or pretzels, some kind of fruit and a Capri Sun.


    Devi McDonald
    Diddles & Dumplings

  6. Aww, what a handsome 1st Grader! I totally need these for our house - five bottles for the five of us. Maybe if we each had our own bottle and color we could stick to reusing ONE bottle instead of twenty-five different cups each day!

    Here's what we're packing: http://www.happinessishomemade.net/2012/08/27/30-school-lunch-ideas-for-picky-eaters/

  7. Oh I just love this! So cute!! I usually pack a bottle of water or a juice box, which Im trying to get away from, so this would be awesome!!

  8. My big kids rarely bring lunch anymore, they just grab snacks and their water bottle, but my littles starts preschool in a few weeks so the little lunches will begin again! Probably going to get a bento box because she doesn't do sandwiches, we always have a hot lunch.

  9. I usually try to pack a sandwich, fruit & veggie and my littles love those Annies bunny crackers. These bottles would be a perfect addition! lindi AT love-the-day DOT com.

  10. Hey girl - These bottles are awesome! Standard lunch for Violet is 100% juice or water, sandwich (tuna/ham & swiss/pb&j), veggie (edamame/snap peas/grape tomatoes - yes, I know that's a fruit but don't judge me), fruit crusher from Trader Joes (usually carrot-apple), mixed nuts/almonds or a cheese stick, and a cruchy treat of some type (graham crackers/natual cheese puffs). She has to stay for after-care, so I like to make sure she has enough to snack on throughout the day. :) So yeah... that's how the Martins roll! kacyhmartinATgmailDOTcom

  11. Awesome!! Little tip to keep that water icy cold when it's really hot. Freeze a couple inches of water in the bottom of your bottle (keep lid off). Then in the morning, fill to top with cold water, and put the lid on. Big ice chunk in the bottom keeps it cold all day. :)

    Our lunches are fresh fruit, yogurt, veggies, sandwich or pasta salad, granola bar, and a cookie (yeah my kids eat a lot!) Cold water to drink.


  12. My boys usually pack a sandwich, some sort of fruit or veggie, chips or pretzels and a drink :-) My Ben would LOVE to rock these bottles each day!!!


  13. So fun! WIll have to pick some of these up before school starts Monday!! And Derek is such a cutie - look at that little wink! What a doll.

    1. Forgot the awesome giveaway! We usually do PB&J (because they love it) and some days they take Spaghetti-Os in their little thermos. Fresh fruit, cheese sticks, wheat thins or Cheez-Its... and a juice pack or water! :)

  14. I love these bottles! We usually pack a sandwich, something dairy (yogurt or cheesestick), a fruit (usually berries or grapes) and something crunchy (veggie sticks or chips). My girls are big water drinkers, so a water bottle is always included!


  15. I live his little wink in that last photo!! These would be great for lunches and sports!! Yogurt tubes frozen are the crowd favorite in lunches here :(

  16. Cute bottles. We usually pack sandwiches, string cheese, apple sauce or yogurt, pretzels or crackers & water.

  17. I've seen these at Kroger and think they are so awesome!!!! My little guy is going into first grade too--- how is that possible???? Your guy is so handsome :)

  18. My oldest is in high school and my other 2 are home schooled, so we don't pack lunches anymore. When I did, though, it was usually a sandwich, a piece of fruit, chips, and water, or money for milk. Those little bottles would be great for on the go, though.

  19. This would be perfect for my three little guy's") They are so cute and efficient as well:)

  20. My boys' lunches look pretty much like yours: sandwich/wrap, chips/crackers, fruit and a juice box. But those water bottles would be WAY more awesome!

  21. These are so cute and would fit perfectly in my boys new lunch boxes :) My oldest loves peanut butter sandwiches, fruit, crackers and yogurt raisins. Little brother would likes the same except swap out a peanut butter sandwich with a nutella sandwich. I love that these are reusable and I am assuming dishwasher safe? Thanks for the giveaway! SarahRZimmerman@gmail.com

  22. Those bottles are not only practical, they are also stylish! My kids lunches usually consists of a sandwich and fruit and then something special everyday. Their lunches are a big surprise, they never know what they are getting! One thing for sure is their bottle of water, especially on these hot days!
    Carolyn Boden

  23. I like those. I'll have to look for them. We don't start school for 2 more weeks. We usually pack a juice box, fruit, crackers or granola bar and sandwich.

  24. Super cute water bottles! I pack a pb&j cut into a circle, chips and fruit.

  25. So cute!! When I pack a lunch for those rare times I'm away from my toddler he loves grilled cheese & grapes! Fun giveaway :)

  26. My kids love leftovers in a thermos!

  27. My son always loved Peanut Butter and Jelly!!!! It rocks:))


  28. Your guy is adorable! My new third grader loves "cream cheese roll ups" - cream cheese spread on a whole wheat tortilla, rolled up and then cut in half. In fact he's requested one, along with some pears and a couple homemade mini blueberry muffins in his lunchbox tomorrow for the first day of school.

  29. I usually pack a water bottle full of lemonade, a sandwich, a yogurt and some baby carrots. It's pretty much the same lunch every day for my daughter. Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Peanut butter and Jelly or Nutella sandwich cut up fresh fruit or veggie cup, string cheese, yogurt and water and juice. Sometimes a little sweet surprise!

  31. I could use these at the gym if I ever go back...
    I pack champagne grapes, cucumber, sandwich, fruit snacks.

    Maureen D


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