Gardening Ideas: DIY Watering Can for Kids

DIY Watering Can

Kids love water. Right?
So my mom brain kicked in and I thought, kid water can = one chore down!

Plastic jug
Patio Paint outdoor by DecoArt
Paint brushes

Let the kiddos get their creative juices flowing...and paint away

Puncture some holes in the cap

Once your watering can is dry, fill it with water and let them go!

Every morning Derek is itchin' to get outside to water the flowers.
 Funny how something so simple helps them feel so grown up!

kid-friendly Watering Can

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    1. Well thank you Megan..and thanks for stopping by lady!

  2. Love your clever ideas. Hey I was thinking that my oldest pair of buckles... which I still love to pieces .. are looking so faded. I miss the crisp dark color of their younger years. Do I dare dye them? have you had any luck dying jeans and if so, maybe you should do a tutorial post, you are so good at it ;) xoxo

  3. So fun and clever! I can't believe our littles are BOTH starting 1st grade. Wha??
    Pinning! xoxo


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