4 Tips getting YOU back to working out! JD Just Sweat Dream Team {Diary 2}

Can I get a Whoop Whoop?
Whoop Whoop!
Guess who is back..Jen is back, back with a Sweatband! Heyyyyy!

I am back today to talk it up about this fantastic game I have been workin' my moves to. 

the bomb.com

-Makes you Sweat
-Super Fun
-Learn new dance moves
-Burn Calories when you aren't even looking
-Totally a family game
-Do it in your own home..that means, dance like no one is watching!

Yep, that about sums it up. And can I just tell you, I am a sweating mama when I get done. 

So my goal was to do Just Dance every day M-F for 30 minutes. I have to report and tell you the truth so my nose won't grow anymore, I only danced 3 days. BUT when I did do it-- I worked my tail off..so there! Alright, back to the drawing board. This girl is getting BACK into Action. Remember my goals and measurements? Yep, me too and I am going to stick to my guns. I will give you the updated measurements in my next post, count on that!

My Tips to getting back on the Work Out Train:
1. Wake up and put those workout clothes on
2. Get a routine down
3. Stock up on healthy snacks
4. Set a prize/reward at the finish line

So join me, won't you?

You know what I love
You guys. Seriously, you see, you all are my biggest push.
With every post, video, etc... I have to "check in" - and I would hate to let you all down. 
So thank you for pushing me!

As promised, Jen's big dance jig-jig is coming soon. 
Oh man, tickets are selling fast- you better order yours today! ;)

Until then, Dance on!

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  1. girl! You rock! You make me wanna get up and dance!! Richard Simmons...watch out!! LOL!!

    1. haha! Your comments are the BEST! Thanks lady! Dance ON!

  2. Why are you the cutest person Ive ever seen??? LOVE this! Get your jig on girlfran!


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