Window Marker: SPIRIT Writer by DecoArt!

We got spirit!
Yes we do!
We got spirit... 
How about you?

Mason made the All-Star team-- Whoop Whoop! 
Of course that made a perfect excuse for me to whip out these awesome SPIRIT writers from DecoArt and tag up the car!

These bad boys are pure awesome-sauce! 
They come in all different colors, rain resistant, for glass and posterboard, and write smooth {like butta} 

Give it a shake shake shake, hold the tip down on a hard surface for a second..and then... get your SPIRIT writing on!

Cruising down the freeway, heading to the game... 
here comes #33 from Temecula, the SPIRIT writers proudly say!

These boys played their hearts out this past weekend! 
They took first place in their section and will be battling again next week in another bracket!

#1 Go Big Red!

I enjoy watching this boy play the sport he loves! 
A great big shout out to DecoArt for the Spirit Writing Love! 

You can find these awesome writers over on DecoArt's Store or try your local JoAnn's!


  1. What a great way to show off your son's accomplishments!!! Go #10!!

  2. I was perusing bloglovin' last night and this caught my eye. I live in Temecula! Well, Murrieta, actually, but most of our life happens in Temecula. Small world! My question is this: How well do those markers wash off afterwards? I've been tempted to buy stuff like that before, but I don't want to be sitting with a razor blade scraping my windows off the next week. :)

  3. Holy moly! How awesome are those markers!!! And WOOT WOOT MUSTANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Whoop, whoop!!! Go #10!!! And my goodness, you are one hot Mama!! xoxo


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