"What I Wrote" {Wednesday}

School is back in session in 15 days - say what? Summer truly flew by ...yet again. This year I will have a {big sigh} freshman in High School, a fifth grader and a first grader. What does this mean? From 8:45am - 2:30pm I will have no kids! What am I going to do with myself? Oh, no worries guys, I will survive! 

Last year I created these fun Lunch Notes {free printable below} to drop into those packed lunches. I have to say, the boys loved this fun little note, and I will be doing them again this year!

free lunch note printable

I wrote a sweet little message on them, just to let them know I was thinking of them! 

Lunch Notes Printable


  1. Keeping those Best Mama For Making Memories wings aren't you now?? You know I think you are just an awesome mom :-)

  2. Pinned this so I don't forget it when we go back to school...in 16 days. *le sigh* How is summer almost over already!?!


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