"What I Unclogged" {Wednesday}

Welcome to another edition of "What I ________" {Wednesday}
Today I am letting you in on a little secret I have under my kitchen sink!
This baby has saved my life and pocket book!

We are talking about Clogged Drains- the ewww gross I have no idea what is down there..kind of drains. The- why won't the water go down...what is living in the pipes- drains.

So welcome to this fun "What I Unclogged" {Wednesday} Post!

"Zip it, zip it real good!" 

Yep..take a good look at that little tool...he may be little but oh he is mighty!
What is a Zip-It?

Zip-It is a tool that has sharp little teeth--
{used to grab- watch out they have been known to bite}
that zips on down the clogged drain and pulls out all the funky gunky!

Let's see him in ACTION!

I sold ya didn't I! No nasty chemicals, No breaking the bank... 
One simple tool and instant Flow!
I picked mine up at Lowes for under 3 bucks! 
You can also find the Zip-It on Amazon for super cheap!

{one more secret: it says you should throw it away after each use.. I just clean it good and use it again and again!}

Do you have any cleaning secrets for me? I would love to hear them below!


  1. I am so gonna pick up a couple of these the next time we are at Lowes for our new house. One of the bathrooms was shared by 3 young, long haired girls. Goodness knows what is down that groddy drain! Thanks for sharing your secret!!

  2. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one with icky-poo drains. I will sleep better tonight. ;) Thank you for your transparency in Blogland! It's very refreshing! ~k.

  3. Yuck - and I'm laughing because you actually took the time to photograph yourself unclogging a drain. What we do for a blog post!!

  4. Here is my biggest all-time, super duper top secret cleaning tip that I only share with special people like you. Are you ready? Hire a professional! LOL! I wish! For drains containing the dreaded hair weasel, I usually use needle nose pliers unless it's a drain that has an attached plug. Your little tool would really come in handy for those. We had to break off the tub plug to get to the hair wolverine my daughter had growing in there. I swear that bugger was bigger than some dogs! I was wondering, is there a drain cleaning dance? Hair wad polka or something? Have a good one! Hugs, Leena

  5. How handy is that?? And… eww, as I drink my morning coffee. lol

  6. Eeeeeeeeew lol! I could totally use this in my shower though since I lose a ton of hair all the time!

  7. OMG!!! Rick & I just bought one of these! LOLOLOLOL


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