"What I Painted" {Wednesday}

I am going to try very hard to do a new Wednesday series here on this swell blog. It's going to be called "What I ________" {Wednesday}. So last week I did my "What I wore" post, I decided this week we shall do a "What I Painted" post. Keeping it spicy up in here aye? 

So what did I paint? 
Hint: This piggy went to the market, this piggy had roast beef....

I am not going to lie. 
I was totally hesitant on this polish and not really sure how it was going to look on the pigs. 
Let's talk it out. A bit on the bright side, funky, green, neon, hmmmm. 
I found my brave insides and just went for it. 
What the heck..if I hated it, well then bust out the nail polish remover right?!


Oh hello minty green toes!

{Reaction from the crowd}
- "ohhhh, I like that polish"
- "my daughter has the same color on her toes" {daughter is 18..hmmm}
- "those are some bright ones"
-"if you take a shower, the nail polish tends to get off the skin" {is she implying that I am a messy polisher?}

My two cents on London Calling.. not bad! Still holding up strong after 3 weeks of wear! 
The bright color bounces off your skin tone... making you look tan tan tan! 
It is a different color..my challenge- Dare to be different, you may love it!


  1. It looks awesome, Jen. Good for you for being "on trend". I had a pedicure last week (finally after getting out of the cast for my broken ankle). Asked hubby what colour I should get. His answer as always - red! The deeper, the darker. So nothing trendy for me. But hubby is smiling.

  2. Oooh! I love it! Mine are bright turquoise...yep, they would prob look cuter if I was 18, but I feel 18...that's what it's all about, right?

  3. Jen, I'm in desperate need of a paint job. My color of choice is fuschia which also helps make me look more tan.

    Love your go for it, daring attitude!

  4. Love those minty piggies, grrrrl! Too fun! I don't feel 18 so much today but maybe tomorrow. lol


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