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Hey Good Look-in's whatcha got cookin' ? Are you ready? Ring the bell....

Welcome to the 8th round of Get Your Chef On!

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This time you'll be trying to defeat the GYCO Chocolate winner: 
Amy from Amy's Cooking Adventures.
Pretzel Crusted Fudge Topped Brownies © AmysCookingAdventures.com.jpg

Amy brought it, oh yes she did! Her  Pretzel Crusted Fudge Topped Brownies were out of this world!  You can see all the GYCO Chocolate recipes and follow our Get Your Chef On pin board to keep up with all the great new recipes each round {and see past GYCO submissions}.     

Okay, let's get down to 411. First off, head over to the Get Your Chef On page to find out what this crazy cooking adventure is all about. Next, sign up below to cook with us - link to your blog's home page.  

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Now... Da.Da.daaaaaaa What are we cooking with this round?
Ready ? And ? GO!


GYCO - Blackberries

  Post Requirements:
  • Share a NEW recipe post on your blog that features the secret ingredient. Make anything you want. {If you share an old recipe you cannot win.}
  • We'd love for you to follow both the co-hosts - Four Marrs & One Venus and White Lights on Wednesday - one way or another.
  • Include the Get Your Chef On button in your post and if you want, on your side bar. That way everyone knows you’re part of this month’s challenge. {The button must be in your post to win.}


July 2nd - 9th: Sign Up to Cook with Us!

July 16th: Post Day (we got live at 6am PST)

July 23rd: Winner Announced & Recipe Features
Winner will receive 2 months ad space on both Four Marrs & One Venus and White Lights on Wednesday.
{And a little something extra this month since it's my birthday.}


  1. For once I'm ahead of the game, by mistake, but whatev... I thought posts went live this week so I whipped my blackberry post up yesterday! Got it on the calendar and ready for the 16th!


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