Easy Dinner Camping Meals: Foil Dinner

Step right up folks. This recipe is for:
Busy Moms
Those that dislike dishes
Veggie Lovers
If you like easy... I got ya!

Easy Dinner: Foil Dinner

Have you created your Foil Dinner yet?

Easy Foil Dinners

Lucky for you... I went shopping so let's get started!
What you need:
Meat, Veggies and Foil!

Camping Meals: Foil Dinner

Slice it up and arrange an assembling line!

Foil Dinners: easy meal

Get those kids involved! They make their dinner-and they Love it!

Dinner Idea: Foil Dinners

Add your special seasonings, whatever you prefer!

Foil Dinners

Check that color out! Yum..now let's wrap it up, mark it with a ? "J" for Jen ...

Easy Foil Dinner

and throw it on the coals to simmer, bake and sizzle!
Cook about 7-10 minutes on one side, flip over, continue cooking 7-10 minutes.
Open up that sweet foil, nice and slow as it will be piping hot! Check the meat and veggies to make sure they are cooked thoroughly! ENJOY!

Foil Dinners: East Camping Meal

Best Part...wait for it... eat your dinner in the foil.. and then Throw that baby away! No dishes! Bam!


  1. Since my idea of roughing it is a Motel 6, I won't be making this over hot coals out in the wild but, I will give it a try on the BBQ on the back patio :-) Looks yumm-oh-yeah!

  2. Great idea, Jen! I love that the kids can make their own, too. Of course I would be inclined to hide a block of cheese in the middle of mine…. Mark that bad boy with a "C"!! ;)

    1. hide a block of cheese...love you girl...HAHA!!

  3. Nice and easy! Great idea and no mess...

  4. I'm all over that no dishes part! And it looks delicious and healthy too. Although Claire's cheese idea is sounding pretty good too ;) I like that everyone can throw their own together too.

  5. Haha...Claire cracks me up!! I'm loving this. My mom made these when we were growing up...we called them "Hamburger Hobo Packets". They're so yummy. Love that you got your kids involved in this...that's awesom!!

  6. Wow... That looks FAB!! Love the idea of adding a bit of cheese too.... Defiantly going to give that ago now we have a spell of BBQ Weather! What a great idea.

  7. Have you tried Bananas on a BBQ.... Most people seem to like Lemon or Orange Juice in the foil, but I love adding Peanut Butter (or even chocolate spread too if I'm feeling really indulgent, and im betting the kids would LOVE it.


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