DIY Pillowcase using Ink transfer: INK EFFECTS by DecoArt

I am just a tad bit excited to share this new found crush of mine:


INK EFFECTS Pillowcase

Listen up, this stuff is amazing! With the simple and fun process, the ideas are endless! I decided to try it out on a pillowcase cover for my nephew Jackson, who is a huge TMNT fan!

Ink Effects by DecoArt

INK EFFECTS comes in many different colors found at DecoArt!
Grab some colors, base spray, something to create and let's go!

Ink Transfer Process
Simple Process
1. Print out your image on plain white printer/copy paper
 Paint the image. Make sure to outline in black paint if you want the outline to show.
Let it completely dry.

2. Next, place a plain paper in the pillowcase so that it won't bleed through. Using your base spray, spray the area you wish to place the image. Let it completely dry.

3. Place the image face down on the pillowcase. Take another plain paper and place on top of the image. 

4. Iron for 2-3 minutes going over the area entirely. 

5. Carefully peel away the image paper.

6. Keep peeling!

7. And that is it! Wash it inside out in cold water.

If you want to personalize it... hello, yes please! Then you would create your "name/saying" in a word processing program. Next you would click the print button that should bring up printer settings. Click the option to "flip" - this will flip the wording around so that when you go to transfer, it will be the correct way. 

DIY Pillowcase with Ink Effects

Again, paint the name/saying in whatever INK EFFECTS paint you wish, let dry, and then transfer using the same method as above!

DIY Pillowcase using Ink Transfer: INK EFFECTS by DecoArt

Jackson adored his new pillowcase! It also paired perfect with his TMNT P.J.'s!
What would you use INK EFFECTS on? I am thinking a fun apron or tote will be my next project!


  1. So cool!! I totally want to paint something onto fabric now! Hmmm...

  2. what an awesome pillowcase and super cute boy! Thanks again Aunt Jen! Jackson LOVES his turtles pillowcase. xoxoxoxo We are missin' you guys!

  3. This is soooo cool! I don't know why we've never used this before, but you can bet it's on my list now!

  4. That is so fun and what a stinkin' CUTIE is he?? Love this - will have to pick up some DecoArt for my boys. xoxo


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