Car Rocker

Question: Do you rock out in the car? Do you sing in the car?
If you answered Yes... High Five-- and I knew we were best friends. To the rest of you --- YOU need to Start!

Rocking out in the car makes you me feel:

I was caught {by me} rocking out today... and of course I had to throw something together for my chicks! 

Just in case you need some more smiles today... you can catch me and my dancing fool self over on youtube. Don't youtube? I gotcha... how about Facebook, Twitter, IG or Google+ - Don't be shy- stop on by!

So what do you say? Start everyday with a rock out session in the car- aye?!


  1. You are SO funny! I like rocking out in the car too but I would never put it on public record! lol! Thanks for the smile - you're awesome!

  2. You're a nut!!! And I love it!! My daughter (who's your age) and I always "chair dance" in the car together. It's kind of our thing. It started when they were kids and we were singing along to "Parents Just Don't Understand", that classic Fresh Prince tune from the 80's. The arms went up and the swinging started. And we still do it.

  3. I love you. And I sing in the car for sure!!! The kids are on a Lady Gaga and Queen kick right now. We rock it out as a family. :)

  4. Hi Jen! I love your video! Lemme tell ya, the first warm day, I am in the car, windows rolled down, sun roof open (or top off when I had a convertible, the car's top, not mine. Well, there was that one time...) ahem, anyway, I blast the radio and wiggle and giggle and have a ball! It's like a right of spring only not as classy! I even make up my own silly lyrics and crack my husband up! Fun is! Thanks for sharing and rock on, girlfriend, rock on! Hugs, Leena


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