Winner GYCO: Cooking on the Front Burner

Secret: Deb can cook! "Let's turn up the heat!" - this lady is no joke... and WON the title of Get Your Chef on last round! I am beyond lucky and happy to bring you all these super amazing dishes below from Cooking on the Front Burner aka Deb! Enjoy!

First up...the salivating beer and bacon glazed pecans that took Julie and I away into never never land- and WON Deb the title of GYCO!

I love how light and simple this salad looks!

My boys would go WILD for these lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes!

Get outta town with these old fashioned oatmeal cookies-YUM!

Last, I was hoping this sweet tomato and basil quiche would make it's way to my bed yesterday morning for Mother's Day..bummer. Looks like I will have to make it myself!

What did I tell you? Deb can cook!
Make sure you find her, stalk her and pin her like crazy--as she is always cooking up something amazing! 

Cooking on the Front Burner

Do you want to get into the next round of Get Your Chef On? It's a wild, chill and crazy cooking challenge..last day to sign up! Hope you will join us!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm trying to decide what to make for the next one :-) PS I love your header!

  2. It's after 11 am and I have not had breakfast so, Yum.
    And a tummy growl :)

  3. Beer and bacon pecans!?!? Wow, thanks for the recipe!

  4. OMG! Beer and bacon pecans?! I am so making those.


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