Get your Chef on is back....round 7 Ding Ding Ding!

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Julie and I are really excited about this round. I can't believe we've put off making chocolate the featured ingredient for so long. I mean seriously. Doesn't everyone have some in their nightstand drawer?!

If this is your first GYCO challenge, please go to the GYCO Page to learn all about how to participate and rules if you want to win. As always, your co-hosts and judges are Julie from White Lights on Wednesday and me!

We'd love for you to you follow us and keep up with all the GYCO happenings!

The wait is over.... 
How to get down with GYCO:
1. Link up your blog's home page to the list below to tell us that you want to participate in GYCO ~ Chocolate

2. Start working on a recipe that feature's chocolate, whatever you want to make {If you want to win, it does have to be a new post to your blog}

GYCO - Chocolate
GYCO ~ Chocolate Schedule:
May 7th -14th: Sign up
May 21st: Post your recipe
May 28th: Features and winner announced

The winner of GYCO gets 2 months ad space on both Four Marrs & One Venus and White Lights on Wednesday.
This time you're working to take down the GYCO ~ BEER champion Deb from Cooking on the Front Burner.

Deb won with her Beer and Bacon Glazed Pecans.


  1. Mmmmm...my favorite ingredient! I might have to bring it for this one ;)


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